Rumours point to RX 490 December launch

Rumours point to RX 490 December launch

New rumours are abound regarding a possible December launch for the upcoming AMD RX 490 graphics card.

There are new rumours circulating regarding the launch of an AMD Radeon RX 490 high-end graphics card, suggesting a possible December 2016 launch.

Throughout 2016, rumours have pointed to various RX 490 and/or Vega launch dates so this kind of information should be taken with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless it's interesting to consider these sources and how closely they correlate to official information from AMD, such as the GPU architecture roadmaps released at the AMD Capsaicin event, and a slip-up by its web editors.

Considering first the official information - from the Capsaicin slide above - we can see that Vega is definitely very near. Using the guidelines tool in Photoshop, for example, puts the launch period of Vega right on the border between 2016 and 2017 - perhaps on the 2016 side, depending upon where you believe year markings should start and end on the chart.

The strongest supporter of the new RX 490 rumours looks to be WCCF Tech. The site's sources indicate that an AMD Radeon RX 490 card will not only launch but also hit retail this December. It asserts that AMD has previously officially confirmed that this card is aimed at 4K and VR enthusiasts, will have a >256-bit memory bus, and be priced near to the Nvidia GTX 1080. However, it can't determine whether the RX490 will be a dual-GPU Polaris 10 or Vega 10-based design.

Considering the matter more closely and looking at past indicators, WCCF Tech puts its money on the RX 490 being a dual-GPU card. This is based upon more hearsay and a Zauba shipping manifest from a couple of months back. Furthermore, it is thought that Vega GPUs might spawn their own distinct Radeon nomenclature - so will not be part of the Radeon RX 4XX series.

Whatever the case, the next iteration of AMD graphics hardware will definitely offer more performance for the watt and, one would assume, enough horsepower to give the GTX 1080 serious pause of thought. Watch this space, graphics enthusiasts.


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bowman 24th November 2016, 14:08 Quote
wccftech is a blogspam site that makes **** up for clicks.
Omnislip 24th November 2016, 14:26 Quote
I enjoy your surgical precision on a document that says 'Projected roadmap, subject to change' :D
edzieba 25th November 2016, 09:17 Quote
Originally Posted by bowman
wccftech is a blogspam site that makes **** up for clicks.
Yeah, WCCFTech report on EVERY rumour they can find or make up, then proclaim victory if any of their 'predictions' happen to be correct. The 'stopped clock is right twice a day' tactic.
wolfticket 25th November 2016, 09:31 Quote
Originally Posted by Dogbert666
Take with a pinch of salt.
Paradigm Shifter 25th November 2016, 10:45 Quote
Even if it's right, if AMD are like nVidia, they'll count from the beginning of the financial year. So '2016' won't end until 31st March 2017. ;)
GrahamC 25th November 2016, 11:51 Quote
First of all the big pinch of salt taste nasty... ergh!.

I can see it being a duel Polaris because that leaves the big boy Venga for the circus event CES. in January. This duel Polaris launch however is such a non event that it 's a bore. The only way that this could cause a stir is IF' it is so far under GTX1080 in price that it shakes the halls of Valhaller, which it won't be.

Still rooting for AMD, we need them to come back strong, go team red.
Anfield 25th November 2016, 11:59 Quote
According to rumours Nvidia will launch the 1080ti in january, so it could be that Amd will try to beat them to the punch by a week or two with an RX490...

Except of course both are yet to be formally announced and there is no indication yet if their eventual launches will be hard or paper.
Vault-Tec 25th November 2016, 12:12 Quote
I heard that Vega was coming Jan 17th next year.

I also heard that the 490 was supposed to launch in October, so I guess that slipped.

Either way there isn't much you can do with a dual GPU card these days so I don't know why they are bothering. They knew not to launch the Fury dual card into the gaming arena.
south side sammy 28th November 2016, 02:26 Quote
I don't want a 1080/1080ti card. I want a 1070 like card for a little less money. ( $299 off the shelf ). No need for anything bigger for me.
Paradigm Shifter 28th November 2016, 10:37 Quote
Originally Posted by south side sammy
I don't want a 1080/1080ti card. I want a 1070 like card for a little less money. ( $299 off the shelf ). No need for anything bigger for me.

So a 1070GS, basically? (Harking back to the days of the 6800GS, GT and Ultra...) ;)

I want a 1080Ti (actually, I want... hang on, eight of 'em... but one or two will do for now) because I don't want to deal with the price of Titan XP's or Tesla cards.

I'd think seriously about AMD's WX line, if it wasn't for the fact that almost all the GPGPU code I run is CUDA, and my experiments in rewriting CUDA code for OpenCL haven't been tremendously successful. That said, I've not put all that much time into it.
south side sammy 28th November 2016, 20:50 Quote
if you were paying attention I think that AMD has changed the architecture of their cards. therefore nvidia will no longer have that monopoly.
but let's get back to the subject. No, no 1070gs*, but a $299 AMD equivalent 1070 priced right. The 1070 is $100 more than it should be. And it will remain so until we can get an alternative.
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