Micron on-track for GDDR5X mass production

Micron on-track for GDDR5X mass production

Micron has promised to begin mass production of GDDR5X modules by the summer, and has already produced first-generation parts boasting 14Gb/s throughput.

Memory giant Micron has announced that it is on-track to begin mass production of GDDR5X memory modules by the summer, having completed small-run test manufacturing of its first-generation 8Gb modules.

Designed to offer a higher data rate than the GDDR5 memory currently used on high-end graphics cards and other accelerator boards, GDDR5X is targeted to offer between 10-14Gb/s - around double that of GDDR5. Micron's Graphics DRAM Design Centre in Munich has confirmed these speeds as entirely achievable, boasting of hitting 13Gb/s in its first production run of 20nm 8Gb (1GB) GDDR5X modules.

While there have been rumours pointing to a delay in scaling up the manufacturing process for GDDR5X, Micron has claimed there could be nothing further from the truth. 'Micron is currently ramping GDDR5X to mass production, and will be announcing sample dates later this spring,' claimed Micron's director of graphics memory Kristopher Kido in a blog post. 'We plan to be in full volume production this summer.'

Kido was also confident that the first-generation memory would perform up to par. 'Based on the results so far, we believe that GDDR5X has the clear potential to achieve speeds of 14Gbps and potentially beyond,' he claimed, while also pointing to additional benefits including a similar bill of materials (BOM) cost to GDDR5, overclocking compatibility, improved power draw per bit, and a smaller outline than its predecessor.

With mass production of GDDR5X not scheduled until the summer, though, it could be a while before the chips begin to appear in consumer products.


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The_Crapman 14th February 2016, 12:30 Quote
Are micron the only ones producing gddr5x, or are others such as samsung and sk hynix also going to be producing it? If they're only going into mass production in the summer then I doubt we'd see any new non-hbm gpus until q3 this year at the earliest.
Harlequin 14th February 2016, 12:43 Quote
JADEC only finalised the standard on Jan 22nd - and so far it does seem Micron are the first.
rollo 14th February 2016, 15:33 Quote
Dout there will be a massive demand for it, The costs to implement are just as high as HBM.
debs3759 14th February 2016, 23:38 Quote
Previous reports suggest it uses the same interface / pin-out as GDDR5, so the cost to implement should be minimal.
Bindibadgi 15th February 2016, 02:11 Quote
Originally Posted by rollo
Dout there will be a massive demand for it, The costs to implement are just as high as HBM.

Implementation should be no more than GDDR5.
rollo 15th February 2016, 07:37 Quote
Anandtech disagree with you on that, they say it requires a more complex board than gddr5 currently uses. That coupled with the extra cost will make it just as expensive.

It's not something you will see in a low end board. I'd be surprised if Nvidia did not use it as a difference between the price ranges 960 equivalent gddr5 970/980 equive gdd5x. With only the TI and Titan models getting HBM.
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