HP recalls six million power cables

HP recalls six million power cables

HP has warned users of its laptops, netbooks and docking stations that a batch of faulty cables could constitute a fire hazard.

Hewlett Packard has issued a recall for six million power cables provided with selected models of its laptops, following the discovery that a manufacturing defect can cause overheating and even fire.

Following a report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission which cited 29 cases of the power cables overheating - two of which resulted in burns to the user and 13 in minor property damage, with thankfully zero serious fires - the company has issued a voluntary world-wide recall for all affected cables. 'HP believes that certain power cords shipped with notebook PC products and AC adapter accessories may pose a risk of a fire and burn hazard to customers,' a company spokesperson admitted in a statement to press. 'We are taking this action as part of our commitment to provide the highest quality of service to our notebook customers.'

The affected power cables include a mark on the end that plugs into the laptop's power brick labelled 'LS-15.' Not all cables so marked are affected, however, with the faulty batch of six million cables having been shipped with HP and Compaq branded laptops and netbooks, along with mains-powered accessories like docking stations, between September 2010 and June 2012. Those that are affected will, HP has confirmed, be replaced free of charge.

Details of how to check if your power cable is affected by the recall, and the form to complete in order to receive a replacement, can be found on the official HP recall page.


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theshadow2001 27th August 2014, 16:48 Quote
Thanks for bringing this to our attention Gareth. I know of several possible instances of these dodgy cables.
Mister_Tad 27th August 2014, 17:43 Quote
I'm shocked
hoochy 27th August 2014, 18:24 Quote
Hmm most of work operate on HPs of some sort or another - better bring this to the relevant peoples attention tomorrow!

Thanks for highlighting
mi1ez 27th August 2014, 23:17 Quote
Yeah, we use HP laptops at work. I can't be arsed to check though.
Corky42 28th August 2014, 08:20 Quote
Now ^that^ is someone who loves his job ;)
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