Phanteks launches Enthoo Luxe full tower

Phanteks launches Enthoo Luxe full tower

The Phanteks Enthoo Luxe includes plenty of cooling potential, modder-friendly features, multi-colour lighting and a sand-blasted finish.

Phanteks has announced the launch of the Enthoo Luxe, a more compact alternative to the Enthoo Primo which it claims doesn't scrimp on features or quality.

Although smaller than the Primo, the Enthoo Luxe is still a full-tower chassis with room for ATX and EATX motherboards. Launching in black and white, the aluminium faceplates feature a matte sand-blasted finish and hide multi-colour ambient lighting strips, which carry through from the top to the front of the case along both sides with user-controllable ten-colour switching. The case's front-panel IO includes two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and analogue connectivity for headphones and microphone.

The case includes room for up to eight expansion slots, three externally-accessible 5.25" drives, six 3.5" storage drives split across two three-drive cages or eight 2.5" with two sitting on Drop-N-Lock SSD brackets outside said cages. As standard, the Enthoo Luxe includes a 200mm front intake fan and two PH-F140SP outtake fans, along with top, front and bottom dust filters. Phanteks claims the case includes room for liquid-cooling radiators in various places, with space for a 240mm radiator in the front, 420mm in the top, 140 in the rear and/or 240mm at the bottom.

To better appeal to modders, the Enthoo Luxe uses screws instead of rivets in much of its construction, allowing for the removal of the top, optical drive and hard drive panels. A split-window design takes up on side panel, with no word yet as to whether a solid alternative will be made available. Overall, the case measures 235mm by 560mm by 550mm, and will include a five-year warranty. Bundled extras include a thermal- and noise-isolating cover for the power supply and a PWM control hub for fans.

Overclockers has become the first company to open pre-orders for the Enthoo Primo, priced at £119.99 in white and £129.98 in black, with additional 1m and 2m LED strips available for £13.99 and £16.99 respectively.


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Phil Rhodes 17th July 2014, 15:05 Quote
I'm supposed to buy something that's called a Phanteks Enthoo?

Sounds like some sort of underwear that's designed to deal with an embarrassing medical condition.
Taniniver 17th July 2014, 15:48 Quote
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

I've got the Enthoo Primo and it's a fantastic case. Who cares what it's called?
mnpctech 29th July 2014, 12:49 Quote
The Phanteks Luxe shares same chassis as Pro, and will retail for $150 and it's scheduled to release in mid August,

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