AMD releases three new A-Series APUs

AMD releases three new A-Series APUs

AMD has recently revealed three new Kaveri APUs.

AMD has introduced three new A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) into the current Kaveri lineup: the A10-7800, A6-7400K and A4-7300.

The main announcement is the A10-7800, which slots in between the A10-7850K and A10-7700K in terms of performance, though unlike these two processors it has no unlocked multiplier, so anyone interested in overclocking will want to avoid it.

Like the A10-7850K, it has the full complement of 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU, 8 GPU), which AMD refers to in this way thanks to the inclusion of HSA (heterogeneous system architecture), a technology which allows the two different processor types to work closer together. The four CPU cores are the same Steamroller cores found in the existing Kaveri APUs, while the eight GPU ones are the GCN units, each of which contains 64 stream processors for a total of 512.

As for clock speeds, the CPU base and turbo speeds of 3.5GHz and 3.9GHz respectively are faster than the A10-7700K (3.4GHz and 3.8GHz) but slower than the A10-7850K (3.7GHz and 4.0GHz). The GPU frequency is 720MHz in all three A10 APUs, while they each have 4MB of L2 cache and official dual channel DDR3 support for 2,133MHz too.

One advantage of the new A10 APU is its TDP, which is just 65W, compared to 95W on both the A10-7850K and A10-7700K. It also supports the configurable TDP functionality we saw with the A8-7600, which allows users to quickly and easily limit the TDP to 45W in their motherboard's BIOS – useful if you want to use the APU in smaller systems where cooling and airflow is limited. Thanks to the GCN graphics cores, the Mantle API is also supported.

Meanwhile, the A6-7400K and A4-7300 are both lower performance parts aimed at office and HTPC users. Both have 2 Steamroller CPU cores, 1MB of L2 cache and official support for 1,866MHz dual channel DDR3 memory. The A6-7400K has the same CPU frequencies and cTDP feature as the A10-7800, and also has an unlocked multiplier. It only has four GPU cores (256 stream processors), though they are clocked slightly higher at 756MHz. Other specs for the A4-7300 haven't been shared yet, but you can expect further cuts to cores and frequencies since it's an A4 part.

Availability of the new APUs is expected later this month. Pricing has not yet been disclosed.

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Alecto 7th July 2014, 12:13 Quote
A10-7800 sounds fantastic if it can actually match A8-7600's power consumption and if it is actually made available on the market (outside of a handful of tests A8-7600 appears to be just "vaporware").

45W chip will 512 shaders ... yes please :)
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