Lian Li unveils PC-V359, PC-Q36 modular cases

Lian Li unveils PC-V359, PC-Q36 modular cases

The Lian Li PC-V359, pictured, and smaller PC-Q36 cases feature transparent top panels and an interesting front-facing window along with a fully modular design.

Lian Li has announced the imminent availability of two new modular cases, the PC-V359 and PC-Q36, both of which boast a transparent top panel and front window area.

Manufactured in the main from Lian Li's usual aluminium, the two chassis are designed to be as modular as possible: the intriguing transparent lids of both can be removed by twisting just four thumbscrews, the side panels slide off, two more thumb screws remove the 3.5" cage and entire front panel, and two standard screws sees the back panel being freed from the chassis itself.

Both cases are designed to keep their components cool, include side-panel mounts for a slimline 240mm water-cooling radiator and filtered vents at the top of both side panels. The larger PC-V359 supports graphics cards up to 320mm in length and CPU coolers up to 160mm in height, while the more compact PC-Q36 drops this to 300mm while increasing the heatsink clearance to 170mm. With a front-facing window where the external drive bays would usually be, there's room for a slim optical drive at the bottom of the front panel on both cases.

The PC-V359 is designed for micro-ATX motherboards, and includes four expansion slots in its 340mm x 340mm x 320mm dimension. Up to three 3.5" and one 2.5" hard drives can be mounted internally, along with the aforementioned slim optical drive. The PC-Q36, meanwhile, is designed for mini-ITX motherboards, and includes room for two expansion slots, two 3.5" hard drives and one 2.5" drive plus the slimline optical drive in its 246mm x 320mm x 324mm dimensions. Both cases will be available in black, silver and champagne gold finishes, along with a two-tone red-and-black edition.

Lian Li has stated that both cases will be available in the UK soon, priced at £106 for the PC-V359 and £88 for the PC-Q36. More details are available on the PC-V359 and PC-Q36 product pages, or you can watch the teaser video below.


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Corky42 13th June 2014, 10:26 Quote
Is it just me that thinks calling these cases modular is a bit of a misnomer.
When i hear modular i think of swapping one thing for another, not easy to take apart.
Gareth Halfacree 13th June 2014, 10:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Corky42
Is it just me that thinks calling these cases modular is a bit of a misnomer. When i hear modular i think of swapping one thing for another, not easy to take apart.
They're not wrong, though: 'modular: designed with standardised units or dimensions, as for easy assembly and repair or flexible arrangement and use.' You're thinking the latter, Lian Li's thinking the former (s/assembly/disassembly and reassembly/).
Impatience 13th June 2014, 11:03 Quote
Oooohh.. Now i'm torn for cases! This thing looks SO clean! And it can house all my drives PLUS a full watercooling loop.. The temptation is strong.
IvanIvanovich 13th June 2014, 17:34 Quote
Looks like an end table to me.
GuilleAcoustic 13th June 2014, 17:42 Quote
I just received my PC-V353A (old case I know, it's legacy now , but I got it brand new for 80€), can't wait for the components to arrive. This is a lovely case with a great build quality.
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