Asus releases Z87 BIOS 'Enhance compatibility' fix for Devil's Canyon

Asus releases Z87 BIOS 'Enhance compatibility' fix for Devil's Canyon

Intel has already confirmed some interesting new features for its forthcoming K-series CPUs, including improved thermal interface material

Keen-eyed enthusiasts have spotted a rather interesting bit of information from Asus' support site that appears to show Z87 and Devil's Canyon compatibility.

We were fairly sure that the Z87 chipset, the predecessor to Z97 we looked at recently, would support the new K-series CPUs but in what capacity is still yet to be 100 per cent confirmed.

However, Asus is stating that a beta BIOS released for its LGA1150 Z87 Maximus VI Extreme will 'Enhance compatibility for new Anniversary Edition and Devil's Canyon CPU.'

The Anniversary Edition chip here is the overclockable Pentium that looks set to offer decent overclocking potential for budget systems (we're hoping for a sub £70 price tag), but the Devil's Canyon part certainly sounds as if Asus will be offering full support, overclocking included, for Z87 board owners.

Asus releases Z87 BIOS 'Enhance compatibility' fix for Devil's Canyon

The BIOS update isn't limited to the Maximus VI Extreme either, every board we looked at on the support site including the Maximus VI Formula, Maximus VI Impact and Z87 Pro all offer the BIOS update with an identical description.

We've seen improved overclocking with Z97 boards, however, so the jury is still out on whether a bargain basement Z87 board or a more current Z97 board would be the best option if you're planning a system-wide upgrade. We'd suggest holding off any upgrades till Devil's Canyon has launched and we have some concrete details and performance figures.


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bigc90210 2nd June 2014, 16:52 Quote
question is, have they fixed the issue with controlling 3 pin fans on the z87 boards?
montymole 2nd June 2014, 21:48 Quote
its good news for those of use who would like a better cpu as many have 4770k chips that were bad OC'ers i have 2 decent ones both de-lidded but if these 4790k can go past 5Ghz with a nice custom loop then i for one will be getting one
mikemaher205 3rd June 2014, 11:12 Quote
After just buying a Z97 board the other day, I read this. Damn the PC worth and it's relentless march forward!
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