Trendnet announces DD-WRT compatible routers

Trendnet announces DD-WRT compatible routers

Trendnet's three most powerful router models now boast official support for the open-source DD-WRT Linux distribution - but only if you don't mind voiding your warranty.

Networking specialist Trendnet has announced that its three flagship routers - the TEW-818DRU, TEW-812DRU and TEW-811DRU - are now officially compatible with the popular Linux-based DD-WRT software distribution.

An open-source project designed to add more powerful features to consumer routers, DD-WRT is extremely popular among hackers and tinkerers. Finding a router that is guaranteed to support the software isn't always straightforward, however: manufacturers often change portions of their products between revisions without warning, meaning a router that works just fine with DD-WRT today might fail to install if purchased tomorrow. Although a small number of companies offer guarantees of DD-WRT compatibility, it's uncommon - so it's perhaps no surprise that Trendnet has picked on the feature to help distinguish its products in a crowded market.

'Networking prosumers and enthusiasts let us know how much [they] value DD-WRT firmware," claimed Zak Wood, director of global marketing for Trendnet, at the company's announcement. '[i]Based on consumer feedback, we have opened our three highest performance routers to the popular DD-WRT firmware.' Those models, Wood added, are the TEW-818DRU V1.0, TEW-812DRU V2.0, and TEW-811DRU V1.0, all of which are current models on active sale.

Sadly, Trendnet's magnanimity doesn't extend to helping you out if you get stuck: anyone installing DD-WRT on one of the company's routers, including those from the above list of officially-supported devices, will find their warranties null and void until and unless the device is restored to a factory-standard firmware.


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Unicorn 15th May 2014, 13:01 Quote
Music to my ears. I wonder if any others will follow suit?

Are you listening ASUS? :)
azazel1024 15th May 2014, 16:57 Quote
Also sadly, they make crap routers. Though maybe its a firmware issue and not a hardware issue.
Xlog 15th May 2014, 20:01 Quote
Meh, imo, tp-link + openwrt is still the best combo for the money.
brave758 19th May 2014, 08:20 Quote
got one, it works great and you can down load it from their web site :)
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