NZXT announces the Phantom 240 chassis

NZXT announces the Phantom 240 chassis

NZXT has only announced the white Phantom 240, but more colours are expected.

NZXT has taken the wraps off of a new chassis, the Phantom 240, and it's the least expensive of the Phantom range.

With a mid-tower ATX design, the Phantom 240 maintains the range's signature asymmetrical shape that has divided opinion since launch and sports curved front and roof panels. The case also features a large side panel window and while NZXT has only officially announced the classic white version, it's hinted that further colours will be coming, so it's possible we'll see black, grey and even red editions too. Update - a teaser on the NZXT homepage shows what looks like a black Phantom 240, as well as one of NZXT's H-series cases, with multi-coloured lighting on.

It ships with two 120mm fans out of the box – a front intake and a rear exhaust. These are NZXT's FN V2 models, which were recently redesigned to provide better cooling and produce less noise.

In total, the case can house six 120mm fans – two in the front, one in the rear, one in the bottom and two in the roof (where 140mm fans are also supported). Water-cooling support hasn't been confirmed, but we'd be surprised if double radiator all-in-one coolers were not supported, given that NZXT itself produces a range of them.

Inside, there's also room for three 5.25-inch drives and six internal 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives, and both optical drives and hard drives can be mounted tool-free, judging by the released photos. We also see that the case has a number of cable routing holes (without grommets), a large CPU cooler cutout on the motherboard tray and reusable PCI brackets. Other features include external USB 3 ports and dual audio jacks as well as a removable HDD cage.

The suggested retail price of the NZXT Phantom 240 is $69.99. We've enquired about UK pricing and will update if and when we receive and official response, but our estimates (based on a conversion with tax added) puts the case at or around £55.

Does the Phantom 240 look like it could take the budget case market by storm (trooper), or is it more likely to wind up in bargain bins? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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noizdaemon666 22nd April 2014, 20:32 Quote
I know it's part of the Phantom range but there's only so many times you can rehash a design with a few tweaks before it becomes a bit boring.
Dogbert666 22nd April 2014, 22:22 Quote
True, although after form factor the major deciding factor when buying a case is likely to be budget, so it makes sense to spread a range out across the main price points (budget midi, mid-range midi, mid-range full, high-end full etc.) so that most the manufacturer and its brand stay relevant to most if not all customers - NZXT now have the Phantom 240, 530, 630 and 820 to choose from, and none of them are really in competition with each other. From a design perspective it makes sense too, as it saves money to only have to tweak a design a little bit rather than starting from scratch every time.
jb0 24th April 2014, 12:03 Quote
It's rounded all over and... bulging out?

I loved the appearance of the original Phantom. Aside from the mini version of the original, the follow-ups all fell kind of flat in my book(the lack of a second angle on the air intake and the air intake's triangle of black not continuing up the case hurt it's appearance in my book).

THIS? They're not just throwing the Phantom name on a random case, they're throwing it on a case that's running directly against almost every design cue the name is associated with.
[USRF]Obiwan 2nd May 2014, 10:36 Quote
Not impressed, I like the new H440 more, you can put in 360 rads in there, and they took a bold move by removing external drive bays. (who needs them anyway nowadays)
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