Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Officially Unveiled

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Officially Unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy S5 S View case.

Samsung has unveiled its range of official Samsug Galaxy S5 accessories, adding wireless charging and waterproof cases to the mix.

Like with the Galaxy S4 of last year, Samsung is pinning its hopes on the S View case. This flip-open cover, replaces the back plate of the phone and folds round to cover the front too, except for a little window up top that lets you peek a small portion of the phone's screen.

The phone recognises the case so switches to an S View mode when the cover is closed, with the user interface reshuffling to suit the little viewport. The S View is also rater to IP67 dust and water resistance, like the phone with it's standard back plate, so is good for the occasional dunking.

The other standout accessory is the wireless charging kit that consists of a back plate and base. The former simply replaces the standard back and adds in the ability to couple with compatible wireless charging bases, like the latter. Although the S4 also had this accessory it is particularly pertinent to the S5 given its waterproof rating - with wireless charging there should be far fewer reasons to remove the cover on the microUSB 3.0 port.

Also available will be a multi-charging cable, which is simply a three-way microUSB cable for charging up to three devices at any one time.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Officially Unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Officially Unveiled
Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Officially Unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Officially Unveiled

The S-View Cover, Wireless Charging Kit and Multi-Charging Cable will be available at the e-Store, Samsung Experience Stores and Brand Store Westfield Stratford. Pricing is yet to be announced.

Are you tempted by Samsung's latest smartphone or is the soon to be announced HTC One M8 more your thing?


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Almightyrastus 25th March 2014, 13:25 Quote
I'm due for an upgrade in a couple of months and having played around with my wife's S3, I'm not too fussed with the Samsung overlay of the OS, yes I know I could just flash another OS on there but that's not something I have felt the need to do with my HTC One X.

At the moment, the Sony Z2 has my eye with a bit of a side glance towards the LG Flex.

My wife will be upgrading a little before me so I shall see what she goes for although she is looking for something with dual SIM capability (Dutch SIM for her mum to text and call her on as well as UK)
Maki role 25th March 2014, 13:25 Quote
I still don't get this sort of wireless charging. It's basically no more practical than a wire as you still need the dock for it to work. In fact, since you need the dock, it's even less practical for travelling with. I can see the advantages I guess with charging multiple devices, and how in theory it could remove the need for specific phone chargers too. All I know is that my wireless charging dock is sitting in a cupboard waiting to be recycled.
Almightyrastus 25th March 2014, 13:43 Quote
That's exactly it, wireless charging would be great if it were be able to be done at a distance but having to lie the phone on a pad, you may as well just plug it in. Most of us now have so many usb chargers dotted around at home or work that simply plugging them in is not a problem, unless you don't happen to be using a standard socket of course...
r3loaded 25th March 2014, 14:20 Quote
I find wireless chargers very convenient. Come home, drop the phone roughly on the pad, it starts charging without mucking about with cables. No strain on the notoriously weak micro USB port either.
fodder 25th March 2014, 15:26 Quote
Seconded - wireless charger by my bed, no fiddling around with silly little plugs when tired or simply forgetting. Or damaging the cable when you answer that early morning call.

Was a big fan of the S2, but when it came to renewing earlier this year I looked at the Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony phones and they all felt rather bloated. Having had the original Google phone (G1), I felt all the rubbish these manufacturers put on top was just getting in the way or duplicating google's own (very good) apps. Bought a Nexus 5 and I don't think I will be moving from vanilla android any time soon, it's luverly.
MeddlE 25th March 2014, 18:53 Quote
So you can't have the S View case and wireless charging as both replace the back cover? Doh!
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