Oculus Rift DK2 headset goes up for pre-order

Oculus Rift DK2 headset goes up for pre-order

The Oculus Rift DK2 headset includes many of the improvements developed under the Crystal Cove codename, including a Full HD OLED panel and improved head tracking.

Oculus Rift surprised the crowds at the Game Developers Conference late last night with the news that it was launching an upgraded yet lower-cost virtual reality development kit based on its Crystal Cove design.

The company's virtual reality headset technology has proven popular since its first development kit went up for sale. Despite an extremely low resolution display which suffered from nausea-inducing motion blur, the $400 kit sold in large enough quantity that production was halted when critical components were unavailable in sufficient amounts. Now, the company has opened pre-orders for a second-generation version which borrows much of the improvements developed under the codename Crystal Cove.

The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, to give it its full name, swaps out the hard-to-find low-resolution LCD panel for a Full HD OLED version. The result: a much-improved resolution of 960x1080 per eye, a 100-degree field of vision, and an end to the motion blur of the LCD based original. The new kit also comes bundled with an infra-red camera, which offers improved head tracking - including the ability to see when you're leaning forwards or backwards and modify the action accordingly.

Most surprisingly of all, however, is the pricing: while the original development kit sold for $400, the much-improved DK2 is up for pre-order at just $350. Partly this appears to be thanks to a reduction in the support hardware required - although the new model includes a cheap webcam for head tracking, it does away with the dedicated control box of its predecessor in favour of USB and HDMI connections direct to the headset - and partly in response to Sony's announcement of an upcoming VR headset for its PS4 console.

The development kit is available to pre-order now on the official website.


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runadumb 20th March 2014, 09:31 Quote
Ordered mine within 30 mins of them going on sale. I have burnt up ALL of my patience the on the DK1 and without a firm release date for CK1 I just can't wait. Having already been blown away by the DK1.
Palmer and Nate have said "its coming real soon" and "We are very close" the words have lost all meaning. Sure come E3 when they announce CK1 will be coming in September I will sigh loudly, until then I'll be enjoying the **** out of VR.
rollo 20th March 2014, 12:10 Quote
Guess they finally relised competiton is coming faster than they can afford to wait around for.

Wonder who wins the VR war?
sandys 20th March 2014, 12:22 Quote
seemingly both bits of hardware from Sony and Occulus work in a a similar fashion so the winner will be VR in general as devs should be able to support both, the backing of Sony will likely see a big push in games generally which is no bad thing.

Pricing and support will be the key to adoption generally, Sonys looks good and I have all the supporting hardware (Move/camera etc) but if their HMDs are anything to go by price with be shocking.
Lenderz 20th March 2014, 13:57 Quote
Shame shipping and taxes brings it up to $470 in the UK :( I was ready to drop $350-400 on it. Its just a little too much for an unfinished product.
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