First Ubuntu Phones to cost $200-$400

First Ubuntu Phones to cost $200-$400

The first Ubuntu Phone handsets will be distinctly mid-range devices, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has admitted, and far from the top-end Edge concept.

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has claimed that the first Ubuntu Touch-based smartphones will sell for around $200 to $400 when they launch later this year, putting them in the upper reaches of the mid-range market.

Canonical's recent announcement that it had partnered with two manufacturers to build Ubuntu Touch-based smartphones was welcomed by fans, but thin on details. Particularly absent from the company's press release were specifications for the first devices to come from either company, and how they would compare to the ultra-high-end Ubuntu Edge smartphone which so dramatically failed in its bid to raise $32 million in pre-orders via crowd-funding site Indiegogo.

Now, we have at least a hint of where the devices will sit - and it's nowhere near the top-end Ubuntu Edge concept. Speaking at the CeBIT event in Hanover this week, as reported by The Register, Shuttleworth claimed that the first Ubuntu Touch handsets would sell for around $200 to $400 a piece - putting them closer to the budget-friendly Motorola Moto G in specifications than the Ubuntu Edge's promised top-end CPU and 8GB of RAM.

Shuttleworth indicated that his company still planned to aim for the high-end, stating that 'we want people who are looking for a very sharp, beautiful experience,' but at the prices he is quoting it seems that the initial Ubuntu Touch experience will be a distinctly mid-range affair.

Thus far, Canonical has not indicated whether the handsets due later this year will support Ubuntu Touch's main feature: the ability to dock with a monitor, keyboard and mouse in order to transform from a smartphone into a fully-fledged ARM-powered Ubuntu Linux desktop.


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SexyHyde 14th March 2014, 02:21 Quote
I'm already getting bored of the bleeding edge phones. MotoG is a great phone for the price, Nexus 5 is a bargain also. HTC have great speakers (boomsound). everything else I'm a bit meh with. They all take great photos outside - Inside they all suck, HTC and Nokia suck less but it's still sucking. They don't need to be bigger than 1080, 720 resolution is fine (sometimes better when you take battery into account). I'm covered in Wifi almost constantly and the times when I don't have it are a relief so 3G/4G isn't an issue. I'm waiting to see exactly what the 2nd camera does on the HTC One 2014 if its anything less then amazing lytro like photos i'm going to side/upgrade to the Desire 816 as I want those boomsound speakers. When the £100~ Moto G can do almost the same things as these £500~ phones it's really hard to get excited anymore.
GuilleAcoustic 14th March 2014, 08:59 Quote
@SexyHyde: Couldn't agree more ;)
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