OCZ's power supply arm acquired

OCZ's power supply arm acquired

OCZ's PSU arm has been acquired following its liquidation, but fans of the company will be dismayed to see evidence that its new owner is a patent troll.

The power supply division of bankrupt OCZ Technologies, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba known as OCZ Storage Solutions, has been acquired from liquidators by Firepower Technology.

Although the bulk of OCZ Technologies was sold to Toshiba in a $35 million deal, the company didn't want everything - just the storage division. As a result, liquidator ZCO Liquidating Corporation - read the letters backwards - was forced to find buyers for other parts of the company, including its power supply arm.

In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed by ZCO late last night, the liquidator confirmed that a buyer had been found for the latter: Firepower Technology, which has paid $850,000 for the technologies, assets and patents of OCZ's power supply division.

What isn't yet clear is exactly who Firepower actually is. There's certainly no record of a PSU manufacturer with that name, and the company itself was only incorporated in January this year. There's a further warning sign in ZCO's SEC filing, where the outfit is described as 'Firepower Technology, Inc., a Delaware corporation.' Those with an eye for patent law will be aware that Delaware is notorious for ruling more cases in favour of patent holders - in particular those non-practising corporations known as 'patent trolls' - than any other area of the US bar East Texas, as evidenced by this Washington Post analysis.

So, it seems likely that Firepower Technology is little more than a front for another company, and one with a particular view to using patents obtained from OCZ's power supply arm aggressively rather than defensively. While it's possible that Firepower is owned by a manufacturer who may want to continue building power supplies based on OCZ's designs, the evidence points to an ignominious death for OCZ PSUs at the hands of a patent troll.


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Guinevere 11th February 2014, 12:14 Quote
Did you know... If the internet stopped talking about patent trolls, bitcoin and flappy birds... the internet would stop talking.
proxess 11th February 2014, 15:31 Quote
Bar some memes and the folks at 4chan, you're right.
hyperion 11th February 2014, 16:16 Quote
Yeah, it would just be cats, porn and facebook.

Anyway, I'm surprised how low their psu division went for. $850k is like the price of an expensive house. For a small group of people looking for a startup in the tech industry it could've been a great opportunity.
InSanCen 11th February 2014, 17:42 Quote
To paraphrase James May a little here... "Oh cock..."

This will probably not end well, I was hoping someone would pick these up and maybe sort the QC a bit. My GameExtreme is still going strong, but I gather the later ones didn't fare as well.
Parge 12th February 2014, 09:11 Quote
Oh FFS! I HATE patent trolls. Its not so bad in the mobile space because I don't really care, but when it starts in PC hardware too......
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