XFX branches out with gaming chassis

XFX branches out with gaming chassis

The XFX Type 1 Bravo marks a departure from the company's usual products, and is likely to form the start of a brand-new line-up of gaming-centric cases.

XFX, a company better known for its graphics cards, has announced plans to get into the chassis market with the launch fo the XFX Type 1 Bravo, a mid-range mid-tower ATX case aimed at the gaming community.

Manufactured largely from SECC steel, the case features a horizontal grille to the front with flip-down covers for optical drives. A curved top holds the IO panel more usually found on the front of cases, featuring two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports alongside HD audio connectivity, while a matching bottom offers what XFX describes as a 'floating' design with bars raising the base of the case from the floor as a means of improving airflow.

As standard, the case includes a 200mm LED fan at the front as an intake with a 140mm fan at the rear for extraction. For improved airflow, the front and rear fans can be replaced with a pair of 120mm units, while a 200mm fitting at the top can also take two 140mm, 120mm or 90mm fans thanks to multi-function mounts. A single 140mm or 120mm fan can be fitted to the bottom, but oddly there's no mount as standard for a side-panel fan. As you might expect, there is however the option to fit a water-cooling loop or sealed-loop cooler.

The case itself measures 512mm x 232mm x 562mm and includes room for eight expansion cards, three 5.25" drive bays, five dual-mount 2.5"/3.5" drive bays, three dedicated 3.5" drive bays, and tool-free installation for all bays. The bottom of the case, which includes the mounting point for the PSU, is an open mesh design for further airflow improvements.

The XFX Type 1 Bravo has officially launched in the US with a manufacturer's recommended retail price of $129 (around £79 excluding taxes), with UK availability and pricing yet to be confirmed. More information is available on the official website.


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Kovoet 4th February 2014, 10:31 Quote
Not bad for a first try and it's different
Bloodburgers 4th February 2014, 10:32 Quote
meandmymouth 4th February 2014, 12:28 Quote
Not bad and it definitely stands out.
AlienwareAndy 4th February 2014, 12:35 Quote
The issue with add in partners making cases is always the price. Their prices are ludicrous.

They all seem to make the same mistakes. BFG, Asus (not their boggy standard ones the ROG ones) EVGA (the Hadron is way too expensive for what it is).

They need to remember to compete with OEMs like Silverstone and Zalman and not get carried away with their own self importance IMO.

That said I do like the front, it reminds me of the IBM Intellistation from the late 90s.
Nexxo 4th February 2014, 13:05 Quote
Like. Shame about all the plastic, but that is not necessarily a deal breaker. Good modding potential.
Teelzebub 4th February 2014, 13:09 Quote
Looks a bit like a nissen hut, A bit cheap and nasty for me tbh
Sheiken 4th February 2014, 21:41 Quote
Very nice! I really like it!
bulldogjeff 4th February 2014, 22:50 Quote
Oh dear. That looks horrible, especially the front
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