Nvidia opens G-Sync DIY upgrade kit orders

Nvidia opens G-Sync DIY upgrade kit orders

Nvidia's G-Sync technology is now available as an upgrade kit for Asus VG248QE owners, although shipping is currently limited to North America.

Nvidia has begun selling a do-it-yourself kit to add G-Sync functionality to the Asus VG248QE monitor - but warns that the units will be available for a strictly limited time only.

Nvidia's G-Sync, unveiled in October last year, promises to do away with tearing, lag and stutter by giving the graphics card direct control over the monitor's refresh rate. The result, the company claimed, is a far smoother gaming experience - a fact which was borne out in our review, with the only disappointment being the poor-quality display panel in the Asus VG248QE.

Although we'd recommend waiting for a higher-quality G-Sync compatible display to hit the market before taking the plunge, those who are eager to get started with the technology now have the option to upgrade an existing standard Asus VG248QE monitor to include V-Sync technology. Priced at $199 plus shipping (around £122 excluding shipping and taxes), the kit adds G-Sync capability as an after-market upgrade to the monitor - but in doing so, naturally, voids the monitor's warranty with Nvidia refusing to match it with a warranty of its own. If it breaks, in other words, you're on your own.

The upgrade process is claimed to take around half an hour, with a full video walkthrough provided by Nvidia reproduced below. Those interested in picking up the kit can do so on the official website, although at present Nvidia is only shipping the units to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with no word as to when it will be made available in the UK.


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SighMoan 17th January 2014, 20:43 Quote
No one is going to bother to do that, surely?
Pete J 17th January 2014, 20:59 Quote
I'll be looking into if/when they release it for my monitor. Screen tear can be an annoying issue below 60FPS.
Fracture 18th January 2014, 01:44 Quote
I hope this just so happens to be compatible with other monitors - reasonably unlikely I know, but I'd love to see this on a decent monitor.
Star*Dagger 18th January 2014, 01:59 Quote
Tiny monitor is tiny.
Star*Dagger 18th January 2014, 03:32 Quote
26 inches is really the minimum for a Real Gamer. Looking forward to 4k monitors of 32 inches.

Might all be made irrelevant by the New Era that will be unleashed by Oculus Rift. When they get 2 4k "screens" in that bad boy, it will be the shot heard around the VR world.
SMIFFYDUDE 18th January 2014, 04:35 Quote
SighMoan, as this is a big modding site/forum I'd say a lot of people on here would disagree with you.

Star*Dagger posting nonsense again I see.
Bindibadgi 18th January 2014, 08:06 Quote
Originally Posted by SighMoan
No one is going to bother to do that, surely?

I ordered one. Every G-Sync monitor is +$200. It's the same price for everyone, currently, so unless you want to wait until the next gen when the ASIC is ready, you buy now. People spend far more on a graphics card, yet the experience of G-Sync is farrrr better than just "more FPS" once you see it. Make a point to go somewhere to try it.

Not that I disagree with SD on the VR front, but that is 1-2 years away (at best) from retail as well.
If you're waiting for FreeSync, imo you'll be waiting equally as long - if ever - no design wins confirmed yet and no one is asking panel/IC makers if they plan to ship monitors with vBlank on by default.

Personally I'm looking to dump for old 24 Samsung for a PB238 and VG248Q on VESA arms: one for colour, one for gaming.
Corky42 18th January 2014, 08:54 Quote
Originally Posted by SMIFFYDUDE
SighMoan, as this is a big modding site/forum I'd say a lot of people on here would disagree with you.

Star*Dagger posting nonsense again I see.
My thoughts exactly (including Star*Dagger talking rubbish:D), i was actually thinking what other monitors this could be made to work with (if any) AFAIK the VG248QE uses a panel made by AU Optronics so would probably be found in other monitors.
SighMoan 18th January 2014, 16:27 Quote
I stand corrected :s
IvanIvanovich 18th January 2014, 18:04 Quote
I really wish I could get gsync for my Shimian. I think it's really pretty strange they didn't make more effort to have more control boards for many more models of display... or push harder for monitor partners to make them available. The important part is on a so-dimm like card anyway.
It irritates me that the only way to get gsync right now is with an absolute turd of a display.
Bindibadgi 19th January 2014, 03:32 Quote
S-IPS? No chance. The pixel response is too low. Currently it can't be used with anything less than TN and IGZO (or LPTS if it ever gets made in sizes above ~20 inches). Electron migration rates in a-Si are too slow, and IPS/VA panels only make it slower to produce correct colour. You'll be waiting for IGZO then, which will take another ~2-3 years to drop in prices as Sharp has the patents to it and is currently sole manufacturer.

Of course most companies will want to sell you a new panel :P It's how people make money. It's a LOT of resource investment in modifying existing panels to only then essentially help users to void their warranty.
IvanIvanovich 19th January 2014, 05:06 Quote
I've seen some talk about upcoming gsync 96Hz+ IPS/PLS. There is a lot of mention of IPS/PLS in gsync press pieces. Really it makes a lot more sense to push gsync on slower panels where the benefit would be more noticeable. I'm sure I'm not alone on the view that I would take a slow but smooth frame rate with decent color and image clarity than 144hz that looks so terrible I don't even want to look it's way.
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