Apple and China Mobile agree distribution deal

Apple and China Mobile agree distribution deal

The Apple iPhone 5S

Apple has finally signed a distribution deal with China's biggest telecoms provide, China Mobile.

The deal will finally enable Chinese users to buy iPhones that are compatible with the country's 3G and upcoming 4G services. Although there are already some 45 million iPhones on the network, they are only able to access it at 2G speeds due to the 3G standards being incompatible.

China Mobile has over 750 million customers - a number which dwarfs that of any other network worldwide - which is nearly 60% of the Chinese market.

Analysts are estimating the deal could mean an extra 12 million iPhones being sold in China making for an extra US$10billion in revenue.

The deal is also being seen as key to Apple combating the might of local companies Huawei, Lenovo and ZTE as well as Samsung, all of whom have had a presence in the country for some time.

Both Apple CEO Tim Cook and China Mobile's Chairman, Xi Guohua, were understandably delighted with the deal.

"China is an extremely important market for Apple and our partnership with China Mobile presents us the opportunity to bring iPhone to the customers of the world's largest network," said Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

"iPhone customers in China are an enthusiastic and rapidly growing group, and we can’t think of a better way to welcome in the Chinese New Year than getting an iPhone into the hands of every China Mobile customer who wants one."

Xi Guohua added, "Apple’s iPhone is very much loved by millions of customers around the world. We know there are many China Mobile customers and potential new customers who are anxiously awaiting the incredible combination of iPhone on China Mobile’s leading network".

There isn't yet any word on pricing for the phones or on exactly when they'll arrive.


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Combatus 23rd December 2013, 15:48 Quote
Remind me again why I don't have Apple shares...
benji2412 23rd December 2013, 16:11 Quote
I really don't mean to be an arse by saying this, but there are spelling mistakes and bad grammar in this article. Chine mobile? 'China Mobile over 750 million customers', 'Analyst are estimating'.

It's like nobody cares about the quality of the articles published on bit-tech anymore, only the websites forum.
Meanmotion 23rd December 2013, 16:43 Quote
Sorry, you're quite right to point them out. Rushing a bit too much on that one.
Intolerantman 23rd December 2013, 17:34 Quote
About 150 million people in China live on $0.50 a day, It's going to be a long contract....
rollo 23rd December 2013, 17:48 Quote
They also have people who are rich enough to buy it. Royals royce biggest market is China these days. Thats what Apple hopes to become in china the RR of mobiles.

dout anyone on 50 cent a day is after a $600 phone either.
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