Scythe unveils 10th Anniversary Ashura Shadow

Scythe unveils 10th Anniversary Ashura Shadow

The limited edition Scythe Ashura Shadow boasts tweaks over its standard edition equivalent, along with a shiny black anodized finish.

Scythe has announced a special edition of its Ashura tower cooler, released to coincide with the company's 10th anniversary, dubbed the Scythe Ashura Shadow.

Based, as the name suggests, on the well-established Ashura, the first thing to note about the Ashura Shadow is its eye-catching black anodized finish which even extends to the baseplate. The company hasn't just recoloured the Ashura and called it a day, however, with claims of several design tweaks to the heatsink itself, the connecting heatpipes, and the solid copper baseplate, all of which contribute to improved performance.

As with the Ashura before it, the Ashura Shadow features six 6mm copper heatpipes connecting to anodized aluminium fins with overall dimensions of 145mm x 161mm x 65mm and weighing 750g. A single 140mm Glide Stream fan with pulse width modulation (PWM) control is included in the pack, along with clips to connect another fan to the rear for push-pull cooling. Using just the supplied fan, Scythe claims, the heatsink varies from 13dBA at its slowest 500rpm speed to 30.7dBA with an impressive 97.18CFM airflow.

The Ashura Shadow claims compatibility with all recent Intel and AMD sockets along with mounting clips, a screw-based mounting system, tightening tool and a small portion of thermal grease all being included in the packaging.

Scythe has claimed that the Ashura Shadow will be produced in strictly limited quantities, although hasn't offered a firm figure for how many it plans to build, with availability into the channel beginning this week. At the time of writing, no UK retailers have listed the product which commands a recommended retail price of €39.50 excluding taxes (around £33.)


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