EVGA issues recall for faulty SuperNova PSUs

EVGA issues recall for faulty SuperNova PSUs

Selected EVGA SuperNova power supplies have been voluntarily recalled by the company following the discovery of a manufacturing defect.

EVGA has warned that selected models in its SuperNova power supply line have a manufacturing defect which could result in sudden and unexpected shutdowns, or even an inability to turn the units on at all.

According to the company's investigations, the issue stems from an inadequate amount of insulation on a thermal pad by a heatsink - a somewhat confusing statement which doesn't make clear if the problem is one of a component overheating caused by a poorly-fitted heatsink or one of a component actually short-circuiting as the result of too little insulation on a critical part of the metal heatsink.

Either way, the result is worrying: the power supply can suddenly switch off during use, or refuse to power on at all. Thus far, there are no reports of any more serious consequences such as overheating, sparking or fire - and nobody has come forward to state that the power supply has caused material damage to other components in their systems.

Thankfully, the problem is limited in scope. EVGA claims that any power supply purchased in October or later is unaffected by the flaw, while known-faulty units are limited to the SuperNova 1000 G, 1000 P2 and 1300 G2 models with part numbers 120-G2-1300-XR, 220-P2-1000-XR or 120-G2-1000-XR.

'If your part is affected you will have the option to register your product for the RMA [Return Materials Authorisation] or continue with an RMA if your product is already registered,' the company has explained in its recall notice. 'Where possible, RMAs for these serial numbers will be setup with free expedited shipping and a return label. We’re sorry for this inconvenience and to help ease the hassle we are including an EVGA T-shirt with your new power supply shipment.'

Those who believe their power supply may be affected by the recall are advised to check its serial number on the official recall page even if no symptoms have yet appeared.


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Tattysnuc 28th November 2013, 16:42 Quote
P00. Mine's affected. guess this'll delay my new build further while the one I have is rma'd.

The process so far looks ok though... thanks for the heads up bit-tech. :)

PS. Any of you trying to complete the EVGA rma process to register the serial number and cannot see a "continue" button - use IE to open/render the page. Firefox 25.X.X doesn;t do it correctly...
Tattysnuc 30th November 2013, 13:04 Quote
day 3 after logging the RMA... it's still pending approval from eVGA. I'm giving it till Monday then I'm going to start to get a bit disappointed....
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