Lian Li launches PC-Q35 NAS-centric chassis

Lian Li launches PC-Q35 NAS-centric chassis

The Lian Li PC-Q35, designed with NAS builders in mind, includes support for up to seven hard drives in a compact mini-ITX/DTX footprint.

Lian Li has announced its latest mini-ITX chassis, the PC-Q35, with the promise of all-in-one watercooling support and room for a plethora of storage devices.

Designed, the company claims, with the needs of homebrew NAS builders in mind, the PC-Q35 offers scads of storage potential in a surprisingly compact chassis. Measuring 210mm wide by 305mm height and with a depth of 456mm, the PC-Q35 supports mini-ITX and mini-DTX motherboard formats - but it's not the motherboard mounts the company is looking to highlight.

The biggest selling point of the compact case is its support for a surprising amount of hardware in a very compact footprint. As well as the motherboard, an ATX power supply up to 200mm in length and graphics cards of up to 300mm in length, the case can hold a total of seven hard drives split across five 3.5" drives and two 2.5" drives. To do this, Lian Li has turned to an interesting method of mounting: the supplied drive cage, which includes a front-facing 120mm intake fan, mounts four 3.5" drives in the traditional manner while a 2.5" drive is installed vertically on the exterior sides of the case. The seventh and final drive, a 3.5" unit, is installed on the floor of the case.

The rear of the case includes two expansion slots for PCI Express cards, while the front features a solid aluminium and lockable door which covers five ventilated covers and the power switch. The right side panel features two USB 3.0 ports and the usual HD audio connectors, and the bottom includes a washable air filter and rubber-based aluminium feet. There's also room for two externally-accessible 5.25" drives, which can be increased to five with the removal of the 3.5/2.5" drive bay.

Interestingly, there's no rear ventilation on the case - aside from whatever the PSU might offer - with Lian Li instead opting for a single 120mm extraction fan in the lid of the case. This, the company claims, provides enough space to be replaced with a 120mm all-in-one sealed loop watercooling system - although, sadly, there's no room for a larger 240mm radiator without some serious modification.

The Lian Li PC-Q35 is available in black and white brushed aluminium finishes, with a manufacturers' suggested retail price of £108 excluding PSU. More information is available on the company's product page.


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GiantKiwi 27th November 2013, 11:37 Quote
Only 7? Once Samsung's M9T's become easily available I can see myself building one up with a hell of a lot more drives than to find a pcie to sata card with enough ports.
Cthippo 27th November 2013, 22:21 Quote
They should have put in hot swap trays. Much better system, especially on a NAS box.
Gareth Halfacree 27th November 2013, 22:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Cthippo
They should have put in hot swap trays. Much better system, especially on a NAS box.
You can rip out the drive bay and stick in five 5.25" hot-swap bays, which will be nicely hidden behind the lockable door. Downside: that also gets rid of the only intake fan, so things could get a little toasty in there.
Bindibadgi 28th November 2013, 01:29 Quote
7 drives on mini-ITX? Pretty sweet; my wife's P8H87-I has 6. That case isn't that small though.

EDIT: Oh it's got a graphics card spot..!? and it's not hot-swap. Uhh, jack of all trades..
GuilleAcoustic 28th November 2013, 08:06 Quote
lian li has tones of 5.25" to hotswap converter, even with fans ... so it's not an issue. Example: 3x 5.25" to 4x 3.5" with hotswap, 120mm fan and washable fan filter

Lili also has 2x 5.25" to hotswap that would suite this case. they also sell hotswap backplane for there case. They prolly are the maker that provides the more accessories for there products.
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