Nvidia GeForce 331.82 WHQL brings 4K performance boost

Nvidia GeForce 331.82 WHQL brings 4K performance boost

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Nvidia has released the latest WHQL version of its graphics card drivers, bringing fairly hefty performance boosts for some games running at 4K resolutions in SLI.

The new release also mentions in the release Need For Speed Rivals, which launched on PC today, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, which launches on PC tomorrow, stating the driver will "ensure you'll have the best possible gaming experience" with these games. The latter is of course being bundled free with selected Nvidia graphics cards. The company has also provided a graphics and performance guide for the game, for those looking to optimise their settings.

Being a little more specific, Nvidia also claims the update will improve Metro: Last Light performance by up to 50%, Crysis 3 by up to 26% and Battlefield 4 by up to 18% when running at 4K resolutions using SLI.

The release also includes GeForce Experience version 1.7.1, which sees improvements to Nvidia's two most recent additions to the software: GeForceStream and GeForce ShadowPlay.

The former is the technology that allows streaming of your PC games to the company's portable games console, Nvidia Shield, a review from us of which is just around the corner.

Meanwhile ShadowPlay allows for instant streaming of your gaming sessions to services like The stream comes straight from the graphics card for an even lower overhead than using Fraps. Again, we'll be covering this technology in more detail in an upcoming feature.

In other Nvidia news, the company has also announced a new small form factor PC initiative. The campaign aims to promote the qualities of a small gaming PCs over the newly arrived consoles, so they of course pack powerful Nvidia graphics cards into their petite frames.

A number of vendors are involved in the initiative so you can take your pick from your favourite, but all will include an 'Art of Gaming' branding kit that includes "precision cut, high quality vinyl graphics that can easily be applied to the outside of your PC". You'll also get all the free games that Nvidia is currently bundling with its graphics cards included on the machines. For more information and a list of the available PCs, go to the Nvidia website.


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DriftCarl 20th November 2013, 18:57 Quote
I don't think you can stream to twitch yet with shadowplay. I have the latest drivers and there are no options for this. I know it will be in a future release though
Azh_fx 20th November 2013, 19:00 Quote
tooo slow, Geforce Experience picked it up yesterday :D
Pete J 20th November 2013, 19:47 Quote
Cool! I'll install these soon! Hopefully they haven't got that weird bug that causes browsers to flicker.

I'm never going to play Crysis 3 again (pretty to look at but just not a fun game) but I've yet to play Metro: Last Light. Maybe X Rebirth will get a boost as well.
technogiant 21st November 2013, 08:25 Quote
Well they haven't fixed sli in cod ghosts....still getting gun sight flicker....only answer I've found is to force split frame render mode (SFR) through Nvidia inspector...its not so efficient as standard AFR but is more compatible.

Still I'm so glad they have fixed several 4K issues...I mean that's relevant to so many people....never mind about fixing one of the bigger AAA title games released this year.....keep it up Nvidia.....R9 290 for me next.
[USRF]Obiwan 21st November 2013, 12:35 Quote
How about the performance increase of non-sli setups?
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