Nofan bucket-shaped CR-80EH teased

Nofan bucket-shaped CR-80EH teased

Nofan's CR-80EH offers a cheaper and lighter alternative to the flagship CR-95C, with a product sheet published by FanlessTech providing a pre-release tease.

Silent cooling specialist Nofan is to launch a cut-down version of its CR-95C passive heatsink with an interesting bucket-like shape and claims of support for up to 80W TDP hardware.

According to a product information sheet exclusively obtained by the guys over at FanlessTech, the Nofan CR-80EH is designed as a more affordable alternative to the CR-95C. Where the latter weighs an impressive 730g and measures 180mm diameter and 148mm in height, the CR-80EH shrinks the design down to 155mm diameter and 113mm in height and just 300g in weight.

Despite this clear loss of material, the CR-80EH is claimed to be able to cool AMD and Intel chips with a thermal design profile (TDP) of up to 80W entirely passively - just 15W less than the far heavier CR-95C. This, the company claims, is thanks to a 981mm² surface area provided by a 1.6mm 'IcePipe' which measures a whopping 19,537mm in length and connects to a single 6mm, 130mm-long heat-pipe at the base of the heatsink.

Most interesting, however, is the shape of the heatsink: unlike the entirely cylindrical CR-95C, the CR-80EH is a conical design which looks for all the world like a squat bucket. The inside, as usual, is free from fins, while the IcePipe runs up and down in a two-layer zig-zag pattern to form the fins of the cooler. Unlike the pure-copper CR-95C, the CR-80EH uses a mixture of aluminium and copper - helping to further explain the dramatic difference in weight between the two coolers.

Nofan's product sheet claims support for Intel Socket 1156, 1155 and 1150 CPUs, alongside AMD's entire FM and AM socket families. No formal launch date has been provided, but FanlessTech claims the heatsink will be arriving 'in the coming weeks' with a US recommended retail price of $60 (around £37.50 excluding taxes.)


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AiA 11th November 2013, 21:41 Quote
interesting design

wonder if u can stick a fan on it when u don't need it to be quiet , like when gaming
Andy Mc 12th November 2013, 05:00 Quote
Any chance Bit will be /planning to review this? I'd be interested in knowing how well it would work.
GuilleAcoustic 12th November 2013, 09:14 Quote
If it works anywhere as good as the previous ones ... Wondering if it will let us use the PCIe slot on ITX mobo (one with the spu right in the middle).
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