Lian Li announces PC-V358 cube chassis

Lian Li announces PC-V358 cube chassis

Lian Li's latest, the PC-V358, includes a clever hinge mechanism for easy access to the internals and support for 240mm radiators.

Lian Li has announced the impending availability of its latest mATX chassis, the PC-V358, which features an interesting design with front-hinge flip-open casing and dual heat-zone compartments.

Due to arrive in the channel any day now, the PC-V358 supports mITX and mATX motherboards, and despite its compact 324mm x 390mm footprint and 286mm height can pack a surprising amount of hardware: Lian Li claims support for 240mm water-cooling radiators, six 3.5" drives and two 2.5" drives, and graphics cards of up to 330mm in length. Additionally, the case supports CPU coolers up to 130mm tall, and power supplies up to 200mm in length, along with an optional slim optical drive.

The brushed-aluminium casing is hinged at the front, allowing the entire top and front panels to swing forward for quick access to internal components. This easy-access theme continues with the radiator bracket - also suitable, Lian Li points out, for sealed-loop coolers - featuring a hinged bracket secured by thumbscrews for tool-free cleaning and access to the components hidden beyond.

The internals of the case are split into two compartments, with the top section holding the motherboard, graphics card and 2.5" drives and the bottom housing the power supply and 3.5" drives. Two 120mm fans mounted at the front pull air into the chassis through dust filters, with a single 120mm fan at the rear exhausting the hot air.

Side panels on the case pop-off, and the tool-free theme continues right through to the hard drives which are mounted with thumbscrews and rubber suspensions - and for those who don't need masses of storage, either or both hard drive cages can be fully removed. An IO panel, found at the front of the right side, features two USB 3.0 ports and HD audio.

At the time of writing, no UK retailer had provided pricing for the PC-V358, with Lian Li setting a manufacturer's recommended retail price of £118 ahead of its availability this month. If you're curious, the company's product overview video is reproduced below with more details available on the official website.


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Xploitedtitan 17th October 2013, 16:37 Quote
OMGAWD, I'm sold...
soopahfly 3rd January 2014, 16:41 Quote
If that's MATX, How small is that bloke?
faugusztin 3rd January 2014, 16:55 Quote
@soopahfly: Pretty much same as every previous PC-V35x series case :
(W) 324mm
(H) 286mm
(D) 390mm

And too bad they make PC-V35x uglier by every iteration.
PC-V350 had a nice front :
PC-V351 added a small vent opening on front, making it a bit uglier :
PC-V352 removed the signature "line" and instead added a square shaped line and made it even uglier :
PC-V353 went totally nuts and made the front full mesh :
PC-V354 doesn't belong to the case line.
PC-V355 went back to PC-V352 design without the square, and moved the ports on front, which killed the clean front design

And now in PC-V358 it is even worse : - they added a big mesh, front mounted slim optical drive without a hiding cover (so if you will mount a dvd drive there, it will stick out visually).

While internally improved, externally it degraded.
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