AMD teases Crossfire, Eyefinity and Linux driver improvements

AMD teases Crossfire, Eyefinity and Linux driver improvements

AMD's Corporate VP of Visual Computing, Raja Koduri.

AMD has today hinted at upcoming software enhancements to improve Crossfire, Eyefinity and Linux support, ahead of an anticipated big hardware announcement at its GPU showcase tomorrow.

AMD is currently holding a GPU showcase event in Hawaii where tomorrow it is expected to announced its latest flagship graphics card, rumoured to be called the R9-290X Hawaii. Ahead of this, though, AMD's Corporate VP for Visual Computing Raja Koduri took to the banks of Hawaii's Diamond Head mountain to provide a sneak peak of what's to come on the software side of things.

Firstly AMD is set to tackle its support for Crossfire and Eyefinity, with the aim presumably being to improve frame pacing for more consistent frame rates and an end to stuttering.

Also hinted at was improved Linux support, an area where AMD has traditionally fallen behind its key rival Nvidia. This announcement is particularly intriguing given Valve's announcement yesterday of its Linux-based SteamOS - could an AMD powered Steam box be in the works?

AMD's new graphics card, which will be part of the codenamed Volcanic Islands range, is expected to marginally outperform Nvidia's GTX Titan, making it the fastest single GPU graphics card. However, all will be revealed tomorrow at the formal announcement. The presentation, which we will be covering and that will be live streamed via AMD's website and YouTube channel, kicks off at 9am here in Hawaii, or 7pm GMT.


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damien c 25th September 2013, 07:29 Quote
Well I would watch the Livestream just to see how these new card's perform but I am at a Super League game tomorrow night.
SAimNE 25th September 2013, 17:32 Quote
if amd gets dual graphics working then my next build is going to strictly be a linux machine.... windows has been something forced on me due to my love of games, and if steam has gotten into making a standardize OS aimed at gaming then there is no longer a reason for me to bother with it.

well aside from the fact that dual graphics has only been working on windows, and my next build will be using a kaveri apu -_-.... pls pls pls pls get openGL/linux support on the dual graphics amd :|
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