Sony Xperia Z1 officially unveiled as 20.7MP touting smartphone

Sony Xperia Z1 officially unveiled as 20.7MP touting smartphone

The Sony Z1 has a 20.7MP camera and is waterproof

Sony has officially unveiled its latest flagship Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z1, and not only is it waterproof but it has a 20.7MP camera too.

The new phone was revealed at the IFA trade show in Berlin where Sony President and CEO, Kunimasa Suzuki described it as "a significant milestone for Sony in our continued efforts to deliver unforgettable experiences to our consumers".

Continuing the current trend for large-screened phones the Sony Z1 centres around a 5in screen with a 1080p resolution. Despite this, though, it is only 8.5mm thick, though at 170g it is a little heavier than the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (130g).

Inside is a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM and a hefty 3000mAh battery. It also includes a microSD slot alongside its 16GB of onboard storage.

Back to those headline features, the camera doesn't just have a high pixel count but uses a slightly larger sensor than the likes of the iPhone 5. The Z1 uses a 1/2.33in sensor while the iPhone 5 has a 1/3.2in sensor. This is still considerably behind the mammoth 1/1.2in sensor of the Nokia 1020, though.

Backing up the sensor is a fast f2.0 lens that features an equivalent focal length of 27mm.

Meanwhile the waterproofing has been handled more elegantly than on the Sony Z with the headphone socket no longer needing a rubber flap and charging contact points allowing the phone to be charged without removing the cover from the microUSB socket. You will need the compatible charging dock to take advantage of this though.

Sony Xperia Z1 officially unveiled as 20.7MP touting smartphone Sony Z1 officially unveiled as 20.7MP touting smartphone Sony Xperia Z1 officially unveiled as 20.7MP touting smartphone Sony Z1 officially unveiled as 20.7MP touting smartphone

Also praised in initial previews of the phone is the industrial design. The front and back panels are glass while the edge is of a curved aluminium. It's akin to the iPhone 4 but with curved aluminium rather than square steel. It's also much larger being 144mm tall and 74mm wide.

Pricing is on the premium side with an up front cost of £50-£100 being required with contracts of ~£35. However, we have already noticed a rather impressive offer from Phones4U that is offering the phone plus a free Sony Smartwatch 2 or a half price Sony Tablet Z, and you can get a free wireless speaker if you get a 4G contract.


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Beasteh 4th September 2013, 20:04 Quote
So this is Sony's attempt to get out from under Samsung's shadow. A decent camera (a sticking point for the SGS3/4 owners I know) and waterproof coating as a unique selling point. Will it work, though?
Gradius 5th September 2013, 03:10 Quote
They forgot Hi-Fi audio as the new LG G2 has.
Snips 5th September 2013, 08:06 Quote
A good effort by Sony, what's it like in low light as that is something the Lumia's have really pushed the boundaries with some cracking shots available in very low light. Something none of the competition has addressed yet.
XXAOSICXX 5th September 2013, 08:28 Quote
Sony, Samsung, HTC....all innovating with cameras, form factor etc

Apple....changes colour of phone.

Skillz :p
Parge 6th September 2013, 10:46 Quote
If it lasts a full day with that 300mAH battery - I'm in!
sandys 6th September 2013, 13:41 Quote
It should do my Z does pretty well on a day out in the sun when I have maximum brightness set and take a load of snaps of the kids which are continually synchronised to the cloud and it has a 3rd less capacity, of course it's not as powerful mind you.
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