Corsair to offer fastest ever 3,200MHz Venegeance Pro DDR3

Corsair to offer fastest ever 3,200MHz Venegeance Pro DDR3

You'll need to wait, and be ready to pay a high premium, for the fastest memory around.

Corsair is set to ship its fastest ever memory kit, running at a blistering 3,200MHz

Amid the launch of its new line of Vengeance Pro DDR3 memory, which ships ready to run at speeds from 1,600Mhz right up to 2,933MHz, Corsair has also announced it will sell extremely limited quantities of what will be its fastest ever DDR3 modules, zipping along at a phenomenally quick 3,200MHz - twice the rated memory speed for the current crop of Intel processors.

The 8GB (2 x 4GB) kits, which will be extremely limited edition, are hand-binned chip-by-chip then DIMM-by-DIMM and come rated at 3,200MHz, CAS 11 latency and 11-14-14-36 timings. A release date or price hasn’t been confirmed yet, but expect to pay top dollar for what is likely to be some of the fastest memory around. You may have to fight some professional overclockers too.

For those that aren’t so obsessed with breaking benchmark world records, the rest of the Vengeance Pro series of memory is available now.


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SpAceman 6th June 2013, 12:19 Quote
My CPU is rated for 2666 MHz...
Tynecider 6th June 2013, 22:17 Quote
zoom zoom!
rollo 7th June 2013, 14:33 Quote
If what I've read is accurate intels new CPU likes tight timings not just pure MHz with no noticeable scaling passed the 2ghz mark but betting scaling with tighter timings.

Wonder if in 6 months these will be renamed 2666 7-7-7-14/21 or something similar.
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