be quiet! shows off new cooler and PSU ranges

be quiet! shows off new cooler and PSU ranges

The new Shadow Rock Slim CPU cooler still offers four capped copper heat pipes.

At Computex 2013 be quiet! announced both a new range of Power Zone fully modular PSUs and a new slim version of its Shadow Rock CPU cooler.

In the heat of a Taipei summer we've always got time for new cooling hardware (although maxing the air conditioning is usually the first priority), so we swung by be quiet!’s suite to see its latest offerings.

First up was a fresh line of PSUs, named Power Zone, complimenting be quiet!’s already expansive Straight Power, Pure Power and Dark Power Lines. The new units combine a fully modular cabling system (including the EPS12V and ATX 24-pin) with a 135mm Silent Wings fan and 80- Plus Bronze efficiency.

In a first for be quiet!, the Power Zone will also use a single rail design, simplifying hardware connection. Wattages will range from 500W-1000W and you can expect to see them on shelves before the end of August. be quiet! also answered the prayers of case-tidying fiends everywhere by launching individually sleeved versions of its cables for all of its PSU lines.

be quiet! shows off new cooler and PSU ranges BeQuiet shows off new cooler and PSU range be quiet! shows off new cooler and PSU ranges BeQuiet shows off new cooler and PSU range
The new Power Zone PSU range is joined by individually sleeved PSU cables, soon available for all BeQuiet PSUs.

Joining be quiet!’s cooler line up was the Shadow Rock Slim, a new CPU cooler that’s a little less heavy-handed than some of be quiet!’s super-sized cuboid coolers. The thin fin stack features curved fins to increase air-turbulence, while a 140mm Silent Wings fan with a new and improved motor provides airflow.

Four double-ended copper heatpipes run through a Taiwanese-made nickel-plated copper base, and the fin stack accommodates a pair of fans in a push-pull configuration. Availability is still a few months away though, and be quiet! still can’t decide whether to make the screws on the top black or silver; a decision that’s keeping its product managers up at night, so if you have a preference, do let us know in the comments


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SchizoFrog 5th June 2013, 17:59 Quote
Just because I am bored but in my opinion if the screws have a high shine finish to match the fins so they blend in and seem invisible, go for the silver. It they stand out at all then make them black as a highlight detail to go with the black of the fan and the Be Quiet! logo.

Personally I would like the second option.
holbob 6th June 2013, 06:42 Quote
Who are the new psu range actually aimed at?
Corky42 6th June 2013, 07:31 Quote
Why buy a PSU with modular sleeved cables that is only 80- Plus Bronze efficiency ?
Wouldn't you be better of getting a more efficient PSU without all the bling...
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