Ruggedised Samsung Galaxy S4 Active images leaked

Ruggedised Samsung Galaxy S4 Active images leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

Images of what is purported to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active - a rugged version of the Galaxy S4 - have been leaked.

The pictures - obtained by GSMArena - show what appears to be a largely normal Samsung Galaxy S4 but with a metal back and rubber, or possibly soft-touch plastic, ends. It also features three physical buttons under the screen, rather than one physical and two touch-sensitive, as on the normal model.

The device is set to be called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and will feature the same 4.99in 1080p Super Amoled screen as the standard handset though will feature only an 8mp camera rather than 13mp model. It will also use the same 1.9GHz processor though there is no word on whether the back will be removable for adding a microSD card.

The existence of an S4 Active has near enough been confirmed by the company that makes Samsung's WatchON TV service, as a changelog for the software listed the new device. Whether these images are of that device, though, remains to be seen.

Expected to be both dust and waterproof, the Active will be taking on the Sony Xperia Z as the only two premium ruggedised Android handsets, though using the term ruggedised is perhaps misleading as neither is/is expected to be significantly more shock resistant than other handsets. One question as yet unanswered is how this handset may waterproof its headphone and charging sockets; the rubber flaps used for protecting the Xperia Z were not much liked by reviewers of that phone.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 Active release date has not yet been announced, nor has it been confirmed where the handset might be available. However, the handset has apparently been shown in Croatia suggesting an imminent announcement.

A you excited by the idea of a water and dust resistant Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Snips 21st May 2013, 09:08 Quote
Sony have also received a lot of flack for them not honouring replacements that have failed the waterproof test in a pint, sighting the terms notice issued in every box stating that the rubber plugs need to be securely closed for the trick to work.

Is this a "gimmick" that needs bragging about when it's not as if you can just spontaneously dive in and not worry whether you've just bricked your phone.
Meanmotion 21st May 2013, 09:20 Quote

Not cool, man. Not cool.
Snips 21st May 2013, 09:25 Quote
It was in the demote thread, copy/paste is a beautiful thing
sandys 21st May 2013, 09:46 Quote
I was torn between S4 for power and screen and the Z due to the waterproofing, I have never lost my phone to it but I have killed others at the pub :o so thought it was a great idea.

Of course I ordered my phone from Sony this weekend as they had £50 off, arrgh, would of picked up the Samsung if I had known it was coming sooner.
Bungletron 21st May 2013, 10:49 Quote
I have been using the Xperia Z since release, it is great! I have threatened to drop it in a pint various times but never done so, however it is great for listening to internet radio in the shower.

Also no mention of the Sony Xperia ZR here? Sony are properly waterproofing the Z to 3m and unlike Samsung have cut no features, so Samsung's update will be fall behind on ruggedised features again.
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