AMD launches Radeon Gamer Series 2,133MHz RAM

AMD launches Radeon Gamer Series 2,133MHz RAM

AMD's latest Radeon-branded RAM offers 2,133MHz in a four-module 16GB kit, boosting the performance of APU graphics considerably.

AMD has extended its enthusiast-grade memory offerings, launching a new 2,133MHz DDR3 kit alongside an update for its RAM disk software which promises to boost performance still further.

Having entered the DRAM market in 2011, at a time when the sector was facing slow sales and a slump that would see companies like OCZ leave the market altogether, AMD hasn't exactly gone out of its way to produce a large range of DRAM modules, but neither, apparently, has it give up on its desire to become a player in the memory industry. This week, the company has announced the latest entry in its RAM product line: the Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series 16GB Kit.

As the name suggests, the Radeon RG2133 kit is comprised of four DIMMs running at 2,133MHz based on a 1.65V and 10-11-11-30 timings - automatically configured using either Intel's XMP or AMD's AMP (eXtreme Memory Profile and AMD Memory Profile respectively) on compatible motherboards. A Radeon-branded black heatspreader covers both sides of the module and curls over the top - containing yet more AMD Radeon branding, owners of windowed cases will be interested to hear - for a total module height of 30mm when installed.

The new memory modules, which should offer a significant performance boost to the embedded Radeon graphics found in AMD's accelerated processing unit (APU) products compared to 1,866MHz or slower DIMMS, comes alongside the launch of an upgraded version of its RAMDisk software. Based on US-based Dataram's software, the AMD-branded RAMDisk allows the user to set aside a portion of memory to be treated by the system as a hard drive - boosting file transfer rates considerably.

The RAMDisk software has previously been available free of charge to all comers, offering up to 4GB of RAM-based storage. Those who have AMD-branded memory installed can upgrade that to a 6GB version, while the company sells a licence for a 32GB edition. Those who buy the Gamer Series RAM modules, however, receive a licence for a 64GB edition - which, given that it's not actually possible to fit 64GB of AMD Radeon RG2133 into your average desktop, seems a trifle overkill.

Changes made in the latest release of the software include tweaks to performance designed to make system startup and shutdown faster. Running on a system with a mechanical hard drive, and enabling the new 'Load in Background' and 'Background Update' options, the new Windows-exclusive software is claimed to improve boot times from cold by up to three times and shutdown speeds - when the RAM disk needs to write its contents back to non-volatile storage - by up to twenty times. Users of SSDs, of course, will find the improvement significantly reduced.

Thus far, AMD's Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series memory has not hit the UK, but US pricing has been set at around $155 (approximately £100 excluding taxes) for the 4x4GB kit.


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phoenixck 8th May 2013, 12:27 Quote
All very nice and all, that manufacturers are offering a bit more for your money when it comes to ram, which is creeping up in price, again. However, I would have much preferred to see a 2 8gb modules.
Harlequin 8th May 2013, 12:36 Quote
CAS 10 2133 ram isn't cheap - on scan its around £130 for 4x4GB sticks
Gareth Halfacree 8th May 2013, 12:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Harlequin
CAS 10 2133 ram isn't cheap - on scan its around £130 for 4x4GB sticks
Aye, which is about where this is going to sit: $150 converted to Sterling is £100, plus 20% VAT is £120, plus a tenner on getting the things from the US to here, higher cost of doing business in the UK, and so on and so forth.
Hustler 8th May 2013, 13:59 Quote
Would somebody spending this much on RAM really be running such a low performance(relatively speaking) APU?

Seems to be quite a mismatch in the marketing to me.
Harlequin 8th May 2013, 14:06 Quote
its not that low performance? your looking at 7660 level; way ahead of anything intel have,3419-4.html

30fps@ medium quality on BF3 for a gpu on die isn't that bad and you can see the scaling (yes its not a lot) but theres evidence its there.

that and jaguar might support 2133 fsb from the box.
Hustler 8th May 2013, 14:13 Quote
I still think most people are only likely to spend this much on RAM in a med/high end rig.

You've bought a cheap APU set up for a reason..cost or for a decent HTPC, if it's because of cost, your unlikely to be able blow over £100 on RAM, it it's for a HTPC, you don't need RAM this fast.
Harlequin 8th May 2013, 14:31 Quote
ram is going up in price as you said - I grabbed 2x4GB of cl9 1600 stuff last year for £25 , the same is now £50!
Marquee 8th May 2013, 17:55 Quote
I think you guys are missing the point. This is the lead up to future APU set ups. I have a 5800k and a 7950 with MVP I am getting better frame rates then just a 7950. The APU is the future for amd and it will need super fast ram in the future to make use of its gpu onboard
aLtikal 8th May 2013, 18:12 Quote
If this gives a hell of a kick to mid-range boards then we possibly have, very capable, mini gaming machines at last. We have them now of course, but they could be better, and hopefull this product will enable that to happen.
SAimNE 8th May 2013, 19:54 Quote
i wonder if amd is going to be using this to make deals with comp manufacturers... basically make it a decent plan to build any apu builds with this ram inside.... would massively increase customers response to apus since most thought it was bad simply cuz they kept the stock 1333mhz ram instead of upgrading :|
noizdaemon666 9th May 2013, 07:04 Quote
Who manufactures it for AMD? Is it Patriot like their standard 1333 stuff was?
Harlequin 9th May 2013, 07:56 Quote
Originally Posted by noizdaemon666
Who manufactures it for AMD? Is it Patriot like their standard 1333 stuff was?
Meanwhile AMD continues to contract out the actual manufacturing of their memory products, and while they haven’t named the manufacturer of the RG2133 DIMMs they’ve said that they’re keeping the same manufacturer as with their other products, which would mean it’s once again Patriot doing AMD’s manufacturing.

^^ from anandtech
themassau 9th May 2013, 14:10 Quote
they should start to support ddr4. it will be more expensive at launch but it would become as cheap as 1600MHz ram but at this speed and whit lower power consumption.
Harlequin 9th May 2013, 14:17 Quote
no one Is using DDR4 atm in retail. so why support a product which has little use atm?
themassau 9th May 2013, 21:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Harlequin
no one Is using DDR4 atm in retail. so why support a product which has little use atm?

it is the chicken egg problem nobody produces ddr4 because no one uses it. but nobody uses it because the low production capacity. so if you support it maybe in a way like the am2+ chips then there are supporting chips and later supporting boards.
Star*Dagger 11th May 2013, 00:30 Quote
Id like to see 8gb sticks x 4
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