Crowdsourced music video uses cursors as cast

Crowdsourced music video uses cursors as cast

Hundreds of cursors are overlaid on the video to create an ever-changing interactive music video.

Light Light, an eclectic band from the Netherlands, has released a browser-based music video that tracks users' mouse cursors to create an interactive, crowd-sourced experience.

The video, for song "Kilo", instructs the viewer what to do with their cursor - such as follow the green dot or select where on the world map you'd like to visit - but while doing so shows the cursors of the hundreds of people that have gone before. In this way it uses the cursors to form shapes or cover the faces of characters in the video.

Created by Roel Wouters, the video itself is a fairly simple affair but by incorporating an interactive element, it creates almost a game-like feel. It's also an intriguing insight into how different people respond to instructions, or perhaps just don't pay attention.

To play the video/game yourself, head over to Your cursor should appear in the video within an hour of playing the video.

Warning! There are a few moments of nudity in the video so it's NSFW.


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mi1ez 16th April 2013, 10:36 Quote
Pretty cool concept...
Almightyrastus 16th April 2013, 15:15 Quote
That was awesome. Great fun
B1GBUD 16th April 2013, 17:19 Quote
Corky42 16th April 2013, 17:22 Quote
Anyone notice your mouse movements gets removed ?
I guess they do it so it doesn't become a total mess, but im kinda bummed that i spent time being unique so i could identify my self just to have it vanish :(
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