Thermaltake shows off SD101 mini-ITX case

Thermaltake shows off SD101 mini-ITX case

The SD101 mini-ITX is pretty compact, but comes with a list of restrictions on cooler height and graphics card length.

Thermaltake has announced its latest mini-ITX case, the SD101, which it hopes will find a home in home theatres throughout the world.

Based on a half-height layout - so don't expect to be cramming any full-size graphics cards in there - the Thermaltake SD101 measures 261mm x 119mm x 264mm and weighs 2.8kg before its components are inserted. A single fan is included as standard, an 80mm model measuring 15mm thick and running at a top speed of 2,100RPM for a claimed peak volume of 23dBA. An integrated 180W power supply with active power factor correction (PFC) is bundled with the case.

At the front, a single 5.25" drive bay provides room for an optical drive, while internally a single 3.5" bay provides mass storage capabilities. A dual-mounting system on the 3.5" bay also supports 2.5" drives, for those who prefer a silent solid-state drive (SSD) in their home theatre rigs. Two USB 3.0 ports and HD Audio input/output ports are included on the front of the case.

As befits its compact nature, there are a few restrictions for the SD101: in addition to its requirement for low-profile add-in cards, the case supports a maximum CPU cooler height of 45mm and a maximum graphics card length of 172mm. Anything larger simply won't fit in the case, something that will disappoint those looking for a compact case for a gaming rig.

The cooling system is designed to operate on a negative pressure basis, with the bundled 80mm exhaust fan pulling in air from the front and side - or top, if you sit the unit on its side as a desktop-like chassis - to feed the CPU cooler. Accordingly, the front is dominated by a mesh intake, as is much of the side panel over the motherboard.

UK pricing and availability for the SD101 have yet to be confirmed.


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tonyd223 26th November 2012, 11:07 Quote
Mini-ITX getting more interesting every day
lilgoth89 26th November 2012, 12:28 Quote
a 15m deep fan ? :P think that should be 15mm ;)
Gareth Halfacree 26th November 2012, 12:31 Quote
Originally Posted by lilgoth89
a 15m deep fan ? :P think that should be 15mm ;)
Whoopsie! Fixed, ta!
Dreamslacker 26th November 2012, 12:53 Quote
That's an In-win BM series chassis. Been around for years (I bought mine in 2007 when it came with a 150W PSU instead).
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