Thermalright launches Archon SB-E 2X

Thermalright launches Archon SB-E 2X

Thermalright's Archon SB-E 2X redesigns the SB-E for high-airflow 140mm fans, supporting even high-TDP chips.

Thermalright has officially unveiled the latest high-performance entry in its Archon 'slim tower heatsink' family, first released back in 2010, in the form of the Archon SB-E X2.

Designed around a new mounting system, dubbed VX BTKII, the heatsink uses Thermalright's Pressure Vault Bracket design to offer adjustable pressure across all current Intel and AMD CPU sockets. The design has also been adjusted from the Archon SB-E: while the same selection of eight 6mm sintered copper heatsinks attach to a large mirror-finish nickel-plated copper contact plate, the heatsink itself is just 53mm wide excluding fans - meaning it won't get in the way for users who have large RAM coolers fitted.

The 170mm x 150mm heatsink comes equipped with two of Thermalright's TY-141 140mm 'silent' fans, using the company's Silent Torpedo fin design to provide a claimed 73.5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow at a noise level of just 21dBA. Each fan is PWM controlled, spins at between 900 and 1,300RPM and adds 26.5mm to the thickness of the heatsink, and are recommended to be installed in a push-pull configuration.

What Thermalright hasn't yet shared is the performance of the unit, but the company claims that its high surface area and impressive array of heatpipes negates any issues caused by its slim nature and that it should be capable of cooling any CPU on the market today - including top-end high-TDP models from both Intel and AMD.

UK pricing for the Archon SB-E X2 has yet to be confirmed, with Thermalright launching the cooler in the US at a recommended retail proce of $99.95 including fans (around £63 excluding taxes.)


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sheninat0r 24th November 2012, 21:29 Quote
Why pay $100 for an air cooler in this day and age?
LennyRhys 24th November 2012, 22:19 Quote
People readily pay hundreds of dollars for water cooling, so I see no reason why they wouldn't pay just $99 for an enthusiast level air cooler - there are other extremely successful air coolers which were also around the $99 mark (Thermalright Silver Arrow, Phanteks PH14-TC14PE, Noctua NH-D14).

It'll be interesting to see how this compares to the previous revision of the Archon.
Speed 25th November 2012, 00:01 Quote
Setting aside the pricing/need etc for high end aircoolers this generation, that product does seem a little on the pricey side when you compare it to the others on the market. Especially considering that is the US market price directly converted into GBP and doesn't factor in the extra we have to pay for what ever reason (Vat, Import Duty, Being British etc).

The SB-E Extreme is just over £50 and change from Scan, will this really perform better than that? Very unlikely considering it uses less heatpipes and has less surface area. Sure if you are buying this you might be a bit tight for room, but shouldn't a smaller product using less materials and heat pipes be cheaper?
rollo 25th November 2012, 20:26 Quote
Corsair h60 is less most of the time in scan sales and will likely out perform this so why bother.
Speed 25th November 2012, 20:40 Quote
I'd be very surprised if the H60 out performed this to be honest, plus you don't have the risk of it pump failing or making a racket. Corsair don't exactly have the best reputation at the moment when it comes to these coolers, just hope their redesigned ones end up being better.
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