Crucial launches mSATA m4 SSD family

Crucial launches mSATA m4 SSD family

Crucial's new m4 SSDs use an mSATA connection and take up just one-eighth the space of a normal m4.

Crucial has announced a new entry in its m4 solid-state drive (SSD) family - but this time in an mSATA format that takes up just one-eighth the space of a regular m4.

Despite its svelte dimensions, Crucial claims it hasn't sacrificed the m4's performance. According to internal testing at the company, the new mSATA m4 is capable of 500MB/s sequential read speeds and fully supports Intel's Smart Response Technology as well as the Dataplex caching software suite from Nvelo.

'With the rapid growth in ultrathin laptops and the adoption of smaller system builds, consumers are increasingly in need of SSD performance in a smaller form factor. The Crucial m4 mSATA is designed for users who want the flexibility that a micro-sized SSD offers,' claimed Crucial's Robert Wheadon at the announcement. 'In a form factor that's about a third the size of your business card, the Crucial mSATA SSD can also be used as a standalone SSD or as a cache for an existing drive.'

The mSATA m4 is launching today in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, priced at £39.59, £63.59, £94.79 and £175.19 respectively. Those opting to buy directly from Crucial's own web store can expect to receive a slight discount.

With motherboard manufacturers increasingly adding mSATA ports to their higher-end systems, Crucial's new m4 could be a popular way to boost system performance without needing to make room for a full-size SSD. For Ultrabook owners, it also offers a potential upgrade for slower or smaller OEM drives - although you'll have to hope your particular Ultrabook is a model which isn't a nightmare to take apart for upgrades.


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alex101 17th July 2012, 16:18 Quote
"...that takes up just one-eight..."

Gareth Halfacree 17th July 2012, 16:37 Quote
Originally Posted by alex101
"...that takes up just one-eight..."
Quite. Fixed, ta.
Tyinsar 17th July 2012, 16:42 Quote
Nice. I've been thinking of using mSATA on my next ITX build.
Stickeh 17th July 2012, 18:27 Quote
Finally, been struggling to find a decent msata ssd for my laptop....
aLtikal 17th July 2012, 18:33 Quote
Would it be worth having a Crucial mSATA 256gb and an M4 256mb? Would there be any benefit in speed atall?
flibblesan 17th July 2012, 19:28 Quote
Tempted to pick up a 128GB mSATA for my Z68XP-UD3 and finally make use of the mSATA slot.
mi1ez 17th July 2012, 21:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Tyinsar
Nice. I've been thinking of using mSATA on my next ITX build.

Exactly what crossed my mind!
Stickeh 17th July 2012, 22:20 Quote
Anyone found these for sale anywhere?
faugusztin 17th July 2012, 22:40 Quote
The biggest issue with mSATA3 drives is... motherboards having only mSATA2 or no mSATA at all.
fluxtatic 18th July 2012, 07:05 Quote
"...without needing to make room for a full-size SSD."

I see what you mean, considering laptops, ultrabooks, mini-ITX, etc. But what first popped into my head was "yeah, such a burden, finding room for a 2.5" drive." Then again, sitting to my immediate right is a mid-tower with an ATX board. To my left is a Mini-ITX...with 4 3.5" HDDs and space for a 5th.

I'm all for this. In my (hopefully not-too-distant) future is a stupid-small Mini-ITX build. I'd like to go smaller, but the price/performance you get in Pico-ITX and the like is atrocious. In that sort of scenario, not having to make space for even a 2.5" drive would be awesome.

What I'd really like is to be able to run Windows on an RPi or a competitor. I really want to build a car PC that would fit in the head-unit spot in the dash, but I don't want to futz with Linux. Nothing against Linux, but Linux and I don't get along. I'd like to concentrate on the build, not getting software working. Seems the only way to get that will be Pico-ITX, though, since it would need to be x86 (no chance I'm tearing apart a Win8RT tablet, either - there will be no Metro in my car PC.) long until I can pick up a Medfield phone cheap on eBay?
Bloody_Pete 18th July 2012, 16:02 Quote
Hmmmm tempted by this as my M5G have a mSATA3 slot I believe...
ArthurB 20th July 2012, 01:46 Quote
Originally Posted by Stickeh
Anyone found these for sale anywhere?
Scan are selling them...

I noticed them while looking for the regular M4 SSDs earlier this week.
Voodoo 23rd July 2012, 07:25 Quote
Nice drive. There is an interesting article about the performance of this and other SSD's on Toms Hardware where showing large performance drop off's when it's more than half filled with data. I

I'm still probably going to get one. :-)
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