Gigabyte launches Ivy Bridge overclocking competition

Gigabyte launches Ivy Bridge overclocking competition

Gigabyte's Ivy Bridge overclocking competition will see three lucky individuals walk away with as-yet unreleased motherboards.

Gigabyte has announced a new competition, run in partnership with overclocking enthusiast site HWBOT, for owners of Z77 motherboards with unlocked Ivy Bridge chips - with the prize no less than an unreleased, 'top-secret' motherboard.

Running until the 30th of June, the competition is split into four stages: the first is measured based on the highest validated CPU frequency as measured by CPUz; the second, the highest DDR3 memory speed as measured by CPUz; the third, the best result from the SuperPi 32M benchmark; and the fourth and final stage the best result from the Wprime 1024M benchmark.

While any unlocked Ivy Bridge chip is fair game, Gigabyte isn't stupid: to avoid the risk of using its marketing cash to promote a rival board, entrants are restricted to using only Gigabyte boards based around the Z77 chipset. Users of other brands, sadly, need not apply.

Those hoping to enter will also need to be members of the HWBOT site, which requires free registration. The contest will be judged on a points basis, with first place gaining ten points and each subsequent place dropping two points until the fifth place. Those ranking under fifth score nothing.

The prizes on offer are pretty impressive: Gigabyte promises to give the top three at the end of the competition an unreleased, unannounced 'top secret' motherboard each. Details of the boards are being kept under close wraps, but given that it's an overclocking competition it seems likely the company is planning to hand out its next-generation high-end boards in exchange for publicity.

For more details, and to register on HWBOT and enter the contest, head on over to the official competition page.


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Omnituens 5th June 2012, 10:57 Quote
What a retarded idea. Gigabyte Z77 only?
SpAceman 5th June 2012, 12:07 Quote
For a Gigabyte competition that is to advertise Gigabyte motherboards it makes perfect sense.
schmidtbag 5th June 2012, 17:41 Quote
I can see why gigabyte wouldn't want other manufacturer boards to join, because if gigabyte lost in their own competition that wouldn't look so good. It's still a little dumb that this is so restricting, and moreso that whoever would join such a competition probably has plenty of money and wouldn't need the prize. On the other hand, no matter what company (or group of companies) would host something like this, there's always likely to be some prize that is disappointing or wouldn't be needed.
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