SteelSeries unveils the Sensei RAW

SteelSeries unveils the Sensei RAW

The SteelSeries Sensei RAW does not, contrary to teaser images, include a secondary display surface at the base.

SteelSeries' teaser images hinting at a mouse with in-built display have sadly been revealed as nothing of the sort, as the company unveils what it's really been working on: the Sensei [RAW].

Unveiled at the CeBIT show in Germany this week, the Sensei [RAW] features a pixellated SteelSeries logo on the upper base of the shell. While its appearance in the teaser images suggested a customisable 32x32 pixel display, in reality it's nothing more than a stylised interpretation of the company's logo.

The bright-white illumination used to pick out the logo spreads across three zones, each of which can be configured to pulse at a different rate. While that's a neat trick in and of itself, it's not quite the customisable display for which we were hoping.

The Sensei [RAW] will be made available in two versions, SteelSeries has confirmed. The first, the Sensei [RAW] Rubberized, features a non-slip rubber coating which is claimed to be resistant to deterioration from sweaty palms. The second, the Sensei [RAW] Glossy, ditches the rubber for a more traditional shiny black plastic surface.

Both models include the SteelSeries Engine software suite, which allows the various features to be customised with a claimed unlimited number of gaming profiles. The underside also features oversized Teflon pads for smooth gliding and a 2M anti-tangle USB cable with black and white braiding.

UK pricing has yet to be confirmed for the mice, with the US launch scheduled for June at a recommended retail price of $59.99 (around £38 before taxes.)


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wardogz 8th March 2012, 14:00 Quote
With everything else around offering so much more, the question begs.....why?
[PUNK] crompers 8th March 2012, 16:51 Quote
simplicity or left handedness
Bakes 8th March 2012, 18:27 Quote
Originally Posted by [PUNK
crompers]simplicity or left handedness

Exactly. I'm left handed, and I currently own a Steelseries Xai. It's very good, but it has a little LCD screen on the bottom. I have absolutely no idea what it does, and no desire to find out what it does either!
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