Intel's Haswell Lynx Point chipset details leak

Intel's Haswell Lynx Point chipset details leak

Intel's upcoming Haswell processors now have a chipset to go with them: the Intel 8-Series, codenamed Lynx Point.

A slide allegedly leaked from an internal Intel presentation deck offers a first glimpse at the technology that will be found in the 8-Series chipsets for the upcoming Haswell processor generation.

The slide, leaked by Chinese technology site, appears to be an official Intel creation. Detailed within is a chipset codenamed Lynx Point, designed to provide support to the next-generation Haswell processors due to be released in 2013.

Lynx Point, the slide claims, will include integrated USB 3.0 support for up to six individual ports, six high-speed SATA 6Gb/s ports, and support for quad-read Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) devices. Also included is a next-generation version of Intel's vPro, which provides hardware-based security and management functionality for enterprises. This will likely depend on CPU support, however, and will only be enabled on specific processor models.

The chipset is also claimed to include performance and power optimisation tricks for users of solid-state drives (SSDs,) under the codename Lake Tiny. Enhancements are also promised for Intel's Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver, although the slide doesn't detail precisely what these enhancements are.

For laptop makers, the news of lowered power draw will be welcomed. According to details in the slide, idle, S3 standby and active Thermal Design Profile (TDP) are all reduced in Lynx Point, while the chipset itself is physically smaller than its predecessors.

Other slides from the same deck confirm existing Haswell facts: based on a 22nm process, the new architecture brings new instruction set architecture additions including Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) and improved cryptography performance, while the on-board graphics chip will support DirectX 11.1 and OpenCL 1.2 over digital and analogue connections.

The slides also confirm that Haswell will be launching on a new socket type, LGA1150. While that means a new motherboard for those wanting to upgrade, Intel promises to keep Haswell's successor in 2014 to the same socket. Finally, processor TDPs ranging from a top-end 95W to a bottom-end 35W are detailed.

Intel, as is usual, is saying nothing other than the oft-repeated fact that it 'refuses to comment on rumour or speculation regarding unannounced products.' With the slides appearing genuine and matching known Haswell facts, however, it appears that we could have our first chipset details after all.

Haswell, and its associated chipset, is due to launch in the first half of 2013 as the successor to Ivy Bridge.


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r3loaded 17th February 2012, 14:36 Quote
Interesting omission from that slide - no Thunderbolt controller to speak of. Is it still going to be a discrete chip come 2013?
azazel1024 17th February 2012, 18:41 Quote
95w to 35w? That seems kind of off compared to Ivy Bridge. Top of the line Ivy Bridge supposedly is going to be released with a TDP of 73w. I don't think the bottom of the range T series processors have a reported TDP yet, but I'd think probably lower than 35w as current Sandy Bridge low end dual core T series processors already have a TDP of 35w. Unless that means hexacore Haswell processors (and not Haswell-E series), which I don't think are supposedly in the works at all.
l3v1ck 18th February 2012, 12:31 Quote
Will there be a new chip set for ivy bridge? Or are we stuck the the rebadged ancient excuse for a chipset Intel are selling at the moment?
azazel1024 18th February 2012, 13:06 Quote
I guess you haven't paid attention to anything the last year.

Yes, new chipset, Panther Point.
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