Genius announces DeathTaker gaming mouse

Genius announces DeathTaker gaming mouse

The Genius DeathTaker boasts nine buttons, in-built macro memory and CPU, adjustable X and Y resolution and a pretty backlight.

Peripherals specialist Genius has announced its plans to take on the likes of Razer in the lucrative gaming mouse market, launching the DeathTaker mouse in the US.

Designed for players of massively multi-player online (MMO) and real-time strategy (RTS) games, the DeathTaker is a surprising departure from the company's usual bog-standard office equipment fare.

The DeathTaker features an aggressive and sharply-detailed design with the all-important backlight, customisable through an entire 16 million colour palette. Bundled software, the Scorpion UI, allows gamers to customise five profiles with up to 55 macros for storage into the device's in-built memory. As well as allowing easy transfer to a different PC, Genius claims the in-built memory and CPU in the mouse prevents the macros being detected and blocked by games.

Those macros make use of the nine buttons spread out across the device's surface, each rated to a claimed 8 million clicks. Wired with a 1.8 metre braided cable for reliability, the mouse even includes a gold-plated USB connection for the difference that's likely to make.

Genius has also included what it claims is an 'in-built over-clocking SCGii engine,' which allows the sensitivity across the X and Y axes to be independently adjusted from 100dpi to 5,700dpi. The heft of the mouse is also adjustable, with six 4.5g metal weights included in the package.

Sadly, the company has yet to confirm UK pricing for the device. In the US the DeathTaker is set to cost $79.80, or around £50 before tax. More details are available on the official product page.

Tempted by the DeathTaker as a customisable gaming mouse, or does Genius's reputation as a budget-friendly maker of basic peripherals put you off? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Krikkit 1st February 2012, 14:40 Quote
Why can't companies stop with this crappy gaming bandwagon?

Why can't we have a company who names their mice something like G for gaming, W for wireless and C for cabled, then just iterate across designs.

So GC10 would be a 10th iteration cabled gamer's special. Better that than call it the superdeathtakingthrustmasterfalcon XXRRXXXX.
aquatuning 1st February 2012, 14:45 Quote
Because a lot of the market is the younger generation and cool names get more interest from them.

But logitech have the "G" range for example.
r3loaded 1st February 2012, 14:49 Quote
It's not the Genius name that puts me off, but the "DeathTaker" name that has an "in-built over-clocking SCGii engine".
mjm25 1st February 2012, 15:57 Quote
I think the name might be a p*ss take...

Razer: Death Adder

Genius: Death Taker

One adds, the other takes :p

or i could have had too much coffee at work...
Vo0Ds 1st February 2012, 17:15 Quote
Not enough buttons, lights, go faster stripes, fans or X's for me I'm afraid.
Mongoose132 1st February 2012, 17:36 Quote
Nor does it even have hydraulics OR speakers built it, what a scam :p
Kiytan 1st February 2012, 17:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Krikkit
So GC10 would be a 10th iteration cabled gamer's special. Better that than call it the superdeathtakingthrustmasterfalcon XXRRXXXX.
deathtaker27 1st February 2012, 19:05 Quote
Do I get one for free?

or can i claim name theft?
Whindog 1st February 2012, 21:47 Quote
Who the fk would want that Fugly pos shitting on there desk?

And I think they went a little oerboard with the "facy name for usless feature that is to be expected on a mouse like this" idea.....

"'in-built over-clocking SCGii engine,'" -----> They actually paid someone to come up with this.....I can sum it up a little easier......5700dpi.

The Death Taker sure is taking the Piss on this one.

55 Macros on a mouse..........overkill much?

And since when does a MMO mouse....Also make for a good RTS mouse? Explain your reasoning for that one please Genius.

Naming conventions.....meh.....who long as you know what your getting. But by throwing out all this BS marketing crap.Over clock your gotta be kidding me.
Sloth 1st February 2012, 22:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Whindog
And since when does a MMO mouse....Also make for a good RTS mouse? Explain your reasoning for that one please Genius.
Or for that matter what makes a mouse good for any specific genre? I've played several MMOs with a combined play time of hundreds of hours (probably over 1,000 but I'll be modest) and never use macros. Can't stand "MMO" mice and keyboards with all sorts of gimmicky macro functions.

The part which caught my attention was the "8 million clicks" rating. You don't normally see things like this for mice. Mechanical keyboards advertise some 50 million presses for Cherry MX switches, but nothing for mice! And that got me wondering just what 8 million means in the real world. In HoN/Dota 2 I average about 120 APM, let's be generous and say only 50% of that is mouse clicks and that furthermore that's split evenly between the left and right buttons. That comes out to be 30 clicks per minute on each switch. Multiply by 60 to get 1800 clicks per hour. 50 hours of play time comes out to be 90,000 clicks so far. That's one 89th of the mouse's lifespan, or you could say that I would need to play 4,450 hours of Dota 2 to reach 8 million clicks. Assuming I kept playing at 30 hours a week (not unreasonable if I'm only playing one game to keep the maths simple) it would take me 2.85 years to reach 8 million clicks.

Just some food for thought. These are very rough numbers but it helps give a little perspective on how mouse clicks can add up.
dancingbear84 1st February 2012, 23:51 Quote
After 4 years the left button micro switch on my logitech mx 1000 gave up, but I didn't use it for 30 hours a week. I've never really bought into "gaming" anything though
deathtaker27 2nd February 2012, 13:24 Quote
I use a naga and that works for everything i need tbh

Looks at name, looks at my name
Fizzban 2nd February 2012, 16:05 Quote
Originally Posted by deathtaker27
Do I get one for free?

or can i claim name theft?

I think you should get one for free :D
LordPyrinc 2nd February 2012, 20:09 Quote
A wired mouse? Geez I haven't used one of those in ages. I use a basic two button w/ scroll wheel laser wireless mouse. The keyboard seems to work fine for all additional commands, though I do not play any MMOs. My keyboard on the other hand is an ancient NMB purchased in 1996. I have to use an adapter to plug it in since it has the old style big round plug. I've tried more modern keyboards, but they all feel too flimsy. It looks grungy, but every single key works just as well as it did when I first purchased it.
Picarro 2nd February 2012, 20:12 Quote
Logitech G5 - the old version with only a single thumb button. Still going strong for the 6th or 7th year in a row. The only thing I have had to replace was the glide pads.
leslie 4th February 2012, 01:07 Quote
Originally Posted by Whindog

55 Macros on a mouse..........overkill much?
Never happen.
Before you get them all programmed and memorized, the wire will fail.
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