OCZ acquires PLX design team and IP

OCZ acquires PLX design team and IP

OCZ has only acquired the UK-based wing of PLX; the US-based portion remains intact.

OCZ has acquired a portion of system-on-chip designer PLX, walking away with what the company describes as the ‘UK design team and certain assets’.

Among those certain assets is a perpetual licence to any patents related to PLX’s current range of products, as well as access to PLX’s substantial IP library.

PLX is best known for its PCI-E switch and bridge chips, which can be found on a number of motherboards. As such, the move makes a lot of sense for OCZ, as it's currently peddling its Revo range of PCI-E SSDs.

We are pleased to augment our engineering organisation with the UK Design Team,’ said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology. 'We believe the additional engineers along with the access to increased IP resources will enable us to significantly reduce the costs associated with storage protocol licensing, while simultaneously speeding our time to market.

Details about how much the deal has cost OCZ haven’t emerged yet but PLX has confirmed that it will continue to operate with more of a focus on data centre tech and cloud services. The company also remained bullish about the deal, with CEO Ralph Schmitt stating that it ‘now is the perfect opportunity for PLX to streamline its business and focus on our leadership in PCI Express and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Do you own one of OCZ’s PCI-E Revo Drives? Do you think all high-speed storage will move to the PCI-E bus in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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kosch 7th October 2011, 12:52 Quote
My father is about to buy one of the Revvo drives and I'll be very excited to see the bench results :)
Farfalho 7th October 2011, 16:14 Quote
They have already bought part of the Sandforce, now the PLX, it seems to me a smart move to reduce the costs inherent to SSD manufacturing and such release optimized products to the market with a less probability of going wrong.

Kosch, don't forget to post the bench results :P
Bindibadgi 9th October 2011, 08:23 Quote
They bought Indilinx outright. This is massive news. PLX make PCI-E bridge chips for many things and either OCZ gets revenue from that or it stops selling them to competitors to reinforce it's position. Very aggressive OCZ, although we've not seen much of the Indilinx aquisition yet.
andrewf 11th October 2011, 04:40 Quote
SSD is indeed the wild west (relative to spinning disks).

-Andrew @ The Daily Circuit
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