Steelseries announces Diablo III kit

Steelseries announces Diablo III kit

Will this mouse survive epic Diablo III sessions? SteelSeries says it will.

SteelSeries has announced a range of peripherals for Diablo III, including a mouse, headset and some unique mouse pad designs.

There will be two such pads (that we know of), which will be adorned with Diablo III-specific designs based on the barbarian and the witch-doctor - each one will cost $15 or €15.

Perhaps of more interest to veteran Diablo players is the imaginatively named SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse, which is said to have ‘7 ergonomically positioned buttons that can withstand relentless punishment with a guaranteed lifespan of 10 million clicks.’ According to SteelSeries, that's more than three times the expected lifespan of an ordinary mouse.

The mouse is apparently ambidextrous, though, which in our experience has never been great for long-term comfort for either left handed or right handed gamers. Three areas of the mouse are also backlit in ‘demon red’ (the scroll wheel, CPI indicator and the Diablo III logo). There are three levels of light pulsation available, and you get a double-braided cord too. Expect the mouse to cost $70 or €70.

Steelseries announces Diablo III kit *Steelseries announces Diablo III kit Steelseries announces Diablo III kit *Steelseries announces Diablo III kit

Finally, the Diablo III Headset has a 'lightweight, over-the-head suspension design… with closed-type, leather earcups.’ The headset has 50mm drivers and the same ‘demon red' illumination and three levels of pulsation. Meanwhile, the SteelSeries uni-directional, retractable microphone enables you to scream curses at your foes. The headset is set to cost $120 or €120.

Here’s a trailer for Diablo III, just in case you’ve been waiting for so long that you’ve forgotten what it looks like or why you care. Let us know your thoughts about the new kit in the forums.


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SMIFFYDUDE 7th June 2011, 12:36 Quote
I predict these will be gash just like most other game tie in peripherals.
sotu1 7th June 2011, 13:03 Quote
Agreed Smiffy. A mouse could easily be built for D3 and be highly functional.
the_kille4 7th June 2011, 14:54 Quote
essentially, the diablo III headset is a remodelled siberia v2... however it looks so much slicker....i want one
XXAOSICXX 7th June 2011, 15:50 Quote
I predict Smiffydude is right on the money with this one..and it'll be, literally, gash.
Arkanrais 7th June 2011, 18:34 Quote
Pulsating lights? unless one of the levels of pulsation is OFF, then I wouldn't use them unless someone payed me. I have a mouse with a pulsating light on it which flashes faster depending on the CPI level, and it irritates the hell out of me, especially when trying to sleep.
OCJunkie 7th June 2011, 19:12 Quote
Game branded peripherals = cheap sale gimmicks... "survive 10 million clicks"? My aging Razer Diamondback 3G must have twice that clocked on it by now and it still looks, feels and performs like day one.
Angstskrig 9th June 2011, 23:30 Quote
I know I'm new here, but I'd like to throw my 1½ cent into this.

I have a Steelseries Xai mouse (Which the D3 is based on) and even tho it is ambidextrous (bad spelling much?) I love it. The mouse is VERY precise and can be customized to almost any settings I want. If it will stand 10 million click only time and D3 will show. :)

The headset is a Siberia V2 in a new package yes and it plays as it should. Clear and crisp sound and the possibility to push the mic back into the headset makes it easy to pack down when travelling with it. :)

I wouldn't be afraid of getting the D3 gear as the already existing counterparts are great!
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