Mesh Computers in administration

Mesh Computers in administration

UK-based PC manufacturer closed its doors yesterday after 24 years of trading.

Independent UK computer manufacturer Mesh Computers has gone into administration and ceased trading, according to administrator MacIntyre Hudson.

While the Mesh website currently remains live, the Mesh board of directors reportedly decided that placing the company in administration was the best course of action, ‘following a thorough review of the financial position of Mesh Computers.

MacIntyre Hudson states that ‘an offer made by PC Peripherals to purchase certain assets of Mesh Computers was accepted on 31 May 2011, and we are now responsible for all future business formerly belonging to Mesh Computers.

If you've placed an order with Mesh via credit card, and have not received the goods or services, MacIntyre Hudson says you should ‘contact your credit card provider immediately to discuss the possibility of a refund.’ If you paid by cheque or debit card, you should fill out a Proof of Debt form in order to make a claim.

The administrator also says that anyone with Mesh warranties should now contact PC Peripherals, as this company ‘has agreed to provide hardware support to existing customers who are within the original warranty period.

The move has been blamed on the recent recession and also the rise in popularity of iPads and other tablet devices over laptops. No-one knows what PC Peripherals intends to do with the Mesh name, but the owner and director of the company told our sister site PC Pro that the acquisition is 'an excellent platform from which to develop our business.

After Evesham went into administration in 2007, Mesh was the last of the UK's large-scale independent PC builders. Is the PC market dramatically changing, and how much of an impact have tablets really had on demand for desktop PCs? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Mankz 1st June 2011, 16:19 Quote
My first PC was a Mesh.

I've hated them ever since.
Ferrero94 1st June 2011, 16:19 Quote
^ lol why?
scott_chegg 1st June 2011, 16:22 Quote
My father in law bought a mesh pc years ago. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the side panel and saw that all the components were really good.
mobius 1st June 2011, 16:24 Quote
Agree with Mankz. My parents bought a Mesh and I spent almost a year chasing up issues all stemming from a burnt out graphics card (i.e. PC always came back in an even worse state, on site warranty wasn't even upheld by them). Without exaggeration they were the worst company I had ever dealt with from customer support point of view.
WilHarris 1st June 2011, 16:25 Quote
Surprised it took this long to be honest. Margins will have been non-existant, and hard to see what value they were adding to the consumer, particularly as prices plummet into appliance territory. Sad to see them go, but the computing world is a very different place from when they started...
dactone 1st June 2011, 16:28 Quote
my parents had a mesh utter rubbish ,maybe that's why there failing..
mobius 1st June 2011, 16:31 Quote
I once had parent's Mesh returned covered in (what I assume was) coffee. Still didn't work either. Then a few weeks later they appeared on BBC Watchdog because their CS was so bad.
mattbailey 1st June 2011, 16:42 Quote
No great lose! Didnt they go bust once before?
Lenderz 1st June 2011, 16:45 Quote
My experience with them is very old now, probably 10 - 13 years or so, but they were quite decent back then.

Shame to see one of the last British system builders of note go tits up though.

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Mankz 1st June 2011, 16:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Ferrero94
^ lol why?

XP Pro x64. That's how.
balatro2005 1st June 2011, 16:53 Quote
My first ever Pc I bought was from them. Remember it had a small issue that the cpu fan fail came up after every cold boot. restart and it was fine. That was about 8 years ago though.
RedFlames 1st June 2011, 17:10 Quote
Originally Posted by mattbailey
No great loss! Didn't they go bust once before?

+1, my initial thoughts were 'again?'
Flibblebot 1st June 2011, 17:13 Quote
It's not surprising. When you can buy a laptop in Tescos for £2-300, why on earth would you buy a full-blown (read: more expensive) PC from someone like Mesh?

I teach IT to adults, and it's staggering how many people who come on courses because they were bought cheap laptops by their families for Christmas but don't know how to use them.

Laptops have become commoditised.
MrJay 1st June 2011, 18:18 Quote
I had a Mesh laptop,
No complaints, think i paid about £600 for it in 05/06
Still going strong to my knowledge.
xela333 1st June 2011, 18:23 Quote
Used to shop with Mesh but over the last 5 years they had became awful to deal with. I shop with Novatech now and they seem to build their own PC's and laptops which I have found to be excellant.
lewchenko 1st June 2011, 19:45 Quote
My last PC from Mesh was a 1.3Ghz CPU with a Geforce 2Ultra (I think).. was about 11 years ago now ! No idea what I did with it when it was time to retire it. It was Beige lol !!!

It was decent enough and lasted, but then I learnt how to build them myself and never looked at buying from them again. My biggest beef with them was that it took ages to build and deliver!

Sad they are gone, but the writing is on the wall for UK PC manufacturers.... companies in China etc who pay their staff 5p an hour have become the world's factories now.

Incidentally there is an article in the 'July' issue of PC PRO about why UK PC Manufacturers are still the best. I noticed then that Mesh was strangely absent from the article... not one mention.
loftie 1st June 2011, 19:47 Quote
Originally Posted by Mankz
Originally Posted by Ferrero94
^ lol why?

XP Pro x64. That's how.

But did you not choose to buy it with XP 64bit?
Guinevere 1st June 2011, 21:28 Quote
Good riddance, bunch of crooks.

Bought a new HTPC and got a used unit. Got it replaced (But had to go to MESH head office to get it), but this was even worse, it even had the delivery note from it being a magazine review unit still in the box.

I eventually got a brand new unit direct from ASUS (Another trip to a different UK head office).
thelaw 1st June 2011, 21:41 Quote
A sign of the times for another uk independant pc builder, thing is with the internet/you tube and even custom pc magazine, everyone is a PC builder, its not hard to learn how, not as complicated as it use to there is little demand for independant builders..and if someone does not have the confidence to build there own, they will buy from branded high street retailer...
tom_hargreaves 1st June 2011, 22:31 Quote
Crap systems and crap customer service - They got what was coming to them. I'm actually glad.
Skiddywinks 2nd June 2011, 01:08 Quote
Originally Posted by Mankz
Originally Posted by Ferrero94
^ lol why?

XP Pro x64. That's how.

pizzanbeer 2nd June 2011, 01:21 Quote
Never bought a Mesh pc.I did buy a pc from ChillBlast a UK builder and it was a great pc.Had i8500 cpu and 8800 ultra card.The 8800 burned out and was replaced under warranty.2 year return to base warranty and the best customer service.
My pc from theme still going strong and use it everyday for games and media.
warejon9 2nd June 2011, 08:44 Quote
Well i think if you let them choose what to put in it could have been bad, i bought one from them 7 years ago (athlon x2 5000) and appart from the graphics card dying it was really good (had Asus m2n32 sli deluxe mobo) That and also they used a crap CPU hs which at idle was some crazy 70c.
maximus09 2nd June 2011, 09:01 Quote
My second computer was a Mesh, first was Tiny. Both rubbish :p
blackerthanblack 2nd June 2011, 09:15 Quote
Never had cause to use their customer service, but I was surprised after my Dad bought a P4 Prescott system running at something like 3.2GHz plus from them how quite it was. He has only just replaced it and it was running fine (but slow of course).
Bauul 2nd June 2011, 14:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Article
how much of an impact have tablets really had on demand for desktop PCs?

Just to follow up on this point - desktop PCs have been in decline due to Laptop sales for years, Tablets aren't really having an impact.

To illustrate, when looking at physical and generalist online retailers (so excluding computer specialst online retailers), in the last twelve months the UK spent the following on computers:

Laptops (inc. Netbooks): £2,680 million
Tablets: £276 million
Desktop PCs: £971 million
Ergath 3rd June 2011, 10:36 Quote
I've had to fix a recent Mesh build for a colleague- the HD 4870 had got so hot that the fan shaft had melted... because they'd supplied a high-end gaming rig in a case with pathetic ventilation & cooling (one generic 80mm fan).

Good riddance.

P.S. My first PC was a TIny - it was a 486 Overdrive mis-sold as a Pentium 75 :-)
sammyV 4th June 2011, 17:27 Quote
After Evesham went into administration in 2007, Mesh was the last of the UK's large-scale independent PC builders.

I think not - what about Novatech still going strong!!
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