Be Quiet! Shows New, Even Quieter PSU

Be Quiet! Shows New, Even Quieter PSU

The new range of PSUs boast a rubber trim

Be Quiet! has had a busy Computex, showing us several new CPU coolers and now a very early prototype of a forthcoming PSU.

Branded, the Dark Power Pro P10, the new series will span a range of 650W to 1.2kW and marks several firsts for the company. The most significant of these is a rubber trim that's been added to the outer edges of the PSU to absorb any vibrations. These can otherwise be transmitted and amplified by the case into an audible noise.

This might sound extreme, but Be Quiet!'s earlier PSUs were so quiet that the rubber trim should make them practically silent.

In addition, and in a break with tradition, not all the models of the Dark Pro P10 series will be made by Be Quiet!'s usual partner, FSP. FSP will still manufacture the 650W to 850W models, but all the models up from there will be made by Seasonic, one of the largest PSU manufacturers in the world, and one renowned for producing highly efficient power supplies.

Unfortunately, the Dark Power Pro P10 series still has quite a lot of development work to be done and is likely to ship towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts on power supplies, especially quiet ones you may have used, in the forum.


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bogie170 31st May 2011, 19:32 Quote
Looks good, will it be better than the Corsair AX 850 is the question?
Picarro 31st May 2011, 19:51 Quote
Veeeery nice indeed. Might make its way into my server.
TWeaK 31st May 2011, 23:07 Quote
Great stuff, using Seasonic will always get a thumbs up from me. I'd have one of their PSU's now, if I hadn't been looking for one when they were phasing out the model Bit-Tech recommended (the next model wasn't tested, when it was it wasn't great. I went for Seasonic instead :D)
mrbens 31st May 2011, 23:25 Quote
I thought all PSUs had a rubber trim these days? My Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W that I've had for over 3 years does. It also has the most gorgeous all black, flat, modular cables:|4d31_10378-img9049s.jpg
NickCPC 1st June 2011, 00:19 Quote
Aren't a couple of these supposed to be 80+ Platinum?

Look forward to seeing reviews later in the year, and another +1 for the partnership with Seasonic (my X-650 is brilliant).
l3v1ck 1st June 2011, 09:33 Quote
Any word on power efficiency?
Jezcentral 1st June 2011, 13:14 Quote
Will they be restoring the post-shutdown cooling ability they jettisoned for generation P7 (I think it was)?
Paul2011 2nd June 2011, 13:32 Quote
very nice, have one of their psu's in my htpc and i cant fault it at all
ffjason 2nd June 2011, 14:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Jezcentral
Will they be restoring the post-shutdown cooling ability they jettisoned for generation P7 (I think it was)?

This has only caused my computers issues so I hope they dont.
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