Apple iPhone 5 to ship in September?

Apple iPhone 5 to ship in September?

The iPhone 5 is reportedly an incremental upgrade over its predecessor, like the iPhone 3GS.

The successor to the iPhone 4 is reportedly scheduled to ship in September this year, according to Apple's suppliers.

Reuters reports that production of the new iPhone is set to begin as early as July, with previous rumours of a 2012 release date apparently being proved false. The site claims to have spoken to three people with direct knowledge of the supply chain of the device, who spilled the beans about the suspected 2011 launch.

However, you may be disappointed if you're expecting a revolutionary new phone, as the yet-to-be-released iPhone 5 is shaping up to be more of an evolution of its predecessor than a radical new design. It will apparently look similar, and the only noticeable upgrade will be a faster processor.

This flies in the face of many wish lists for Apple's next phone, with a better camera, dual-core processor and more internal storage proving to be the most lust-worthy upgrades.

If these rumours prove to be true, we'll essentially see just a refresh, or the equivalent of an iPhone 4GS when it launches in September, with the iPhone 6 still rumoured to be set for a 2012 released date.

What features and hardware changes would you like to see in the next iPhone? Would you rather have an Android or Blackberry device? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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wuyanxu 21st April 2011, 10:47 Quote
wooo, that unibody mockup looks lovely. strong while thing. love those hard edges.

hopefully Apple will follow their flat back design, iphone 2G, and 4's design are much better than 3G/s'.

having a 4 myself, i won't be upgrading unless the casing design is much improved. improved to the point where a case is not needed. (think iphone 2G's design, i've dropped that a few times without problem)
leveller 21st April 2011, 11:05 Quote
We're locked in on contracts for the 3GS and 4 so we may have to pass ... unfortunately :(
Cei 21st April 2011, 11:06 Quote
More storage? Christ, I'm happy with the 16GB on my iPhone 4, I don't need 128GB!

Also Bit-Tech, you're not paying attention. You say it will have an upgraded processor in the iPhone 5 (namely the A5 chip used in the iPad 2), and then in the next sentence you go on to say that the wish list of things that it won't be getting includes a dual-core CPU.

Yet the A5 is dual-core. Duh.
Guinevere 21st April 2011, 11:41 Quote
Originally Posted by Cei
Yet the A5 is dual-core. Duh.

The A5 in the iPad 2 is dual core (and very snappy it is too thank you very much). But why says apple can't release a fast single core version and still keep the A5 name?

And... this article doesn't mention A5, it just says "faster".

(Oh but I'm with you, I think the "iPhone 4 GS Ultra Wicked Uber Extreme HD S" (If they take their naming cues from BT) will get a dual core chip)
sotu1 21st April 2011, 11:42 Quote
So get iPhone 5 or wait for iPhone 6?
gcwebbyuk 21st April 2011, 11:45 Quote
I would wait for iPhone 7 just to be sure... even then it's a risk
eiru 21st April 2011, 12:09 Quote
MY 1932 western electric allows me to talk to people just as well as my 3G
the handset makes a great weapon in case I have to crush someones skull in.
I can't do that with my 3G. Madey I'll wait for the 10G.
Who says I have issues. lol
lacuna 21st April 2011, 12:17 Quote
iphone 4 is horrible to hold so I will wait to see if they have improved the ergonomics at all (basically back to the 3G shape would be great)
Combatus 21st April 2011, 14:20 Quote
Originally Posted by leveller
We're locked in on contracts for the 3GS and 4 so we may have to pass ... unfortunately :(

You must have got your 3GS late - my 24 month contract expires in June :D
r3Q 21st April 2011, 14:20 Quote
i don't like apple :)

i still use my original Motorola droid lol.
ledbythereaper 21st April 2011, 14:24 Quote
Originally Posted by lacuna
iphone 4 is horrible to hold so I will wait to see if they have improved the ergonomics at all (basically back to the 3G shape would be great)

Agreed, it's the one thing I dislike about mine, and the fact I'm s**t scared of dropping it. 128GB of storage would be nice, I have far too much music/apps.
logonui 21st April 2011, 15:55 Quote
Que the standard apple loving lemmings defending this blatant grab for more money.

In all honesty i think apple have got the UI perfected, their devices are fast and do what they indended them to do. I just feel that they could have released this as part of a new version rather than causing a mass purchase of the new model purely because it has a higher number attached to it. Apple products are a trendy thing to have. They are "the in thing" as my parents would say. I hope one day people buy things because they need them or they like how they work rather than "<insert standard peer pressure figure here> wants one"
RichCreedy 21st April 2011, 20:03 Quote
i like the iphone 3g i have except it's getting a little slow now, and my contract is due for renewal next month, but i can upgrade in a couple of days :-). as a rule i don't like apples, but the iphone, is good.
Kroy 21st April 2011, 21:07 Quote
Would Like to Sell: tents; folding stools; umbrellas; and flasks to all the fanbois queueing overnight outside Apply stores world-wide later this year.
Dissident 22nd April 2011, 02:53 Quote
I'm fairly happy with my I4 however my next purchase will be android based. The I5 does look interesting though.
leveller 22nd April 2011, 10:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Combatus
You must have got your 3GS late - my 24 month contract expires in June :D

My other half was told "wait 2 more months for iPhone 4" but could she wait?
Baggpuss 22nd April 2011, 14:09 Quote
Youve gotta be pretty desperate for an iPhone if your're gonna get one now. even if it is just a minor spec bump it would still suck geting an iPhone now for it only to be the previous generation in a couple months time.

Im starting to doubt if ill get a iPhone 5 now, my 3Gs still works fine and bar the better screen the iPhone 4 had no real benefit to me, iOS isnt really that resource intensive as it is (unless you have a 3G). I guess ill just wait another year.
Paulg1971 22nd April 2011, 14:16 Quote
What apple needs is an app that tells you a phone with a decent camera:)
docodine 22nd April 2011, 16:41 Quote
Originally Posted by Paulg1971
What apple needs is an app that tells you a phone with a decent camera:)


Of all the things to pick on about the iPhone 4, why the camera? Takes better pictures than many brand new phones.

More storage, a more durable design, better battery and a DEDICATED CAMERA BUTTON are what i'm wishing for. Dual core A5 isn't too important I'd say. I don't get any lag with the A4.. Better graphics chip from the iPad 2 would be nice for 1080p out I suppose.
rollo 22nd April 2011, 17:38 Quote
my 3gs contract expires in june also will probably wait for this just got way to many apps now to convert to andriod if they had some sort of conversion system id give andriod a shot but id hate to rebuy some of the apps ive brought in the last 2 years.
trixla 25th April 2011, 19:01 Quote
i do like my i4 and have not had any problems with it up until now with the latest update forcing me to do a reset and re-installing itunes (think i updated my iphone firmware whilst i didn't have the latest itunes, which to me shouldnt have been a problem). It's things like that which makes me think about going android when my contract is up. Also annoys me that itunes is bundled with quicktime and that they don't . Good point about having to re-purchase apps though...
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