Sapphire announces new graphics cards and Fusion motherboard

Sapphire announces new graphics cards and Fusion motherboard

With Atom providing lacklustre performance, Fusion could boost the speed of mini-ITX motherboards.

Sapphire has just announced a host of new hardware that will be showcased at the Cebit tradeshow in Germany this year. An AMD Fusion-based mini-ITX motherboard and a new range of graphics cards are just some of the new products that Sapphire is keen to show off.

It's been a while since we've seen a motherboard from Sapphire, but its new product list includes the P67-based Pure Black P67 Hydra, as well as the X58-based Pure Black X58. In addition, a mini-ITX AMD Fusion-based motherboard called the Fusion Mini E350 is sure to be a hit with fans of this tiny form factor, and it includes DVI, HDMI and D-Sub video outputs, as well as a PCI-E graphics slot.

As well as its popular Vapor-X and TOXIC graphics cards, Sapphire will also be previewing its HD 6950 FleX card at Cebit this year. The FleX range of graphics cards enable up to three DVI monitors to be used in Eyefinity mode without the need for costly adaptors or DisplayPort monitors. The range will span from the HD 5670 FleX to the flagship HD 6950 FleX.

Sapphire has also announced its Xtend graphics card; a Radeon HD 5570 1GB with a built in programmable TV tuner. When connected to a standard TV antenna, it will receive and decode local free to air DVB-T TV and radio stations.

The user will then be able to watch TV on the host PC using Windows Media Center and the supplied remote control. Additionally, by installing the supplied FlexiStream software on the PC, users will be able to watch all of their home TV programmes from anywhere in the world using the XtendTV client on a remote PC or laptop.

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KidMod-Southpaw 21st February 2011, 11:57 Quote
I've seen those flex cards, although eyefinity is possible without adaptors it's unlikely that you'll have the right combo of monitors to do it. They still include a hell of a lot of adaptors with the card.
The Infamous Mr D 21st February 2011, 12:36 Quote
Xtend sounds a lot like ATI's old All-in-Wonder cards that were fab, I had an ATI Rage Pro 128 AIW back in the day! They are a pretty good idea really, saves on upgrade space if you have a mini-ITX board with only a single PCI-E graphics slot.
Dannythemusicman 21st February 2011, 13:36 Quote
Eyefinity user here. Currently running x2 DVIs and a VGA DP adaptor for the 3rd monitor - very interested to hear of a x3 DVI connection as it may make the setup process a heck of a lot easier and thus far more accessible for those not familiar with setting up multi-monitor rigs.
frontline 21st February 2011, 13:51 Quote
Sapphire rocks, although their motherboards have never had the same impact as their Graphics cards. Will be interesting to see how the P67 board and the Fusion board turn out though.

Any chance of a review of the Asus E35M1-M PRO micro-atx board, which scan have in stock at the minute? Nice looking passively cooled E-350 based board, although the E35M1-I DELUXE mini-itx looks even better
DrTiCool 21st February 2011, 14:22 Quote
since they aquired EVGA mobo dev team I'm looking forward to see their Hi-end mobos in the future, I respect them as a company with quality products.
HourBeforeDawn 21st February 2011, 16:19 Quote
Hopefully these types of boards will bring back the HTPC market because Im sorry although its more work setting up a HTPC and getting it to work it is A LOT better then any set top offering and just so much more versatile and useful. I LOVE my HTPC ^_^ but its on a full top end system that doubles as my gaming rig so it would be nice to build a HTPC with one of these ITX Fusion boards :)
Lazy_Amp 22nd February 2011, 15:21 Quote
Originally Posted by KidMod-Southpaw
I've seen those flex cards, although eyefinity is possible without adaptors it's unlikely that you'll have the right combo of monitors to do it. They still include a hell of a lot of adaptors with the card.

But still, what people seem don't seem to get is that you can run more than 2 monitors outside of Eyefinity mode. I've got three different ones right now (one placed vertically, which I definitely couldn't do with Eyefinity), a setup I greatly enjoy. I can only Minecraft on one, but the others are used for surfing/chatting/videos. and work is a lot easier when I can have two displays of consoles and still have my email open.

Even then though, DisplayPort adapters are getting more common (especially the mini ones, probably mostly because Apple users have to get them), so unless the Flex cards are less than the price of one of those(>10$ online, ~25$ in store), what's the point? And then, would there even be room for a 4th DP adapter on the card, for 4 monitor goodness?
Fizzban 22nd February 2011, 16:31 Quote
I'll be interested to see what a 6950 toxic can do, assuming they do one of those. The flex cards sound good too.
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