FSP Announces Aurum PSU Range

FSP Announces Aurum PSU Range

FSP's Aurum series represents the company's first attempt to enter the enthusiast retail market.

Power supply manufacturer FSP, which is responsible for a surprisingly high percentage of OEM units, has announced its first entry into the enthusiast-grade retail PSU market with its new Aurum series.

The new PSUs not only meet the 80Plus Gold Standard for power efficiency - with FSP claiming upwards of 90 per cent achievable under standard use, but the Aurum series also features the company's patented Multi-Intelligence Ability technology.

According to FSP, this packs pulse width modulation control, power factor correction, active clamping and double-circuited over-voltage protection into a single IC, resulting in reduced size and weight, while ensuring maximum efficiency and protection.

The company has also kitted out the PSUs with its Arrow Flow technology; a ventilation system that the company claims will harness natural aerodynamics in order to keep the PSU cool, even when the included fluid-bearing fan is spinning at its minimum speed.

Knowing that the enthusiast market puts a higher value on aesthetics than its OEM customers, the company has also put some serious thought into the design of the Aurum series. This includes eye-catching highlights on the fan vent, and a 'granite-touch' finish on the entire surface of the PSU.

Unlike many 'manufacturers' in the enthusiast-grade PSU arena, FSP will be manufacturing the devices in its own facilities - and it's confident enough in its abilities, honed over years of manufacturing OEM PSUs, to offer a five-year warranty on the retail boxed edition. Since publishing this story earlier today FSP has told us that the 700W Aurum PSU is expected to retail at £105.99 inc VAT in the UK when it goes on sale later this year.

Do you like the look of FSP's Aurum series, or is the enthusiast market already bursting at the seams with high-spec PSUs? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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mi1ez 19th January 2011, 13:55 Quote
Can't wait to see a review of one of these!
Xir 19th January 2011, 14:00 Quote
Why not?

If their technologie works, it sounds good in theory
r3loaded 19th January 2011, 14:03 Quote
There's plenty of enthusiast PSUs, but more competition doesn't hurt the consumer. It all depends if the price is right :)
WildThing 19th January 2011, 14:11 Quote
Aesthetically it doesn't do much for me, but if the price is right and Bit-Tech give it a good review, then great.
Devolve 19th January 2011, 14:18 Quote
Every single PSU i've ever replaced for people have been FSP (do a little bit around my village, so only replaced 7. Still 7/7 beng FSP). Fingers crossed the new series works better :/
Technobod 19th January 2011, 14:43 Quote
Self manufacturing could lead to some pretty decent prices, if they can live up to their claims and if the price is right then its gotta be worth a shot.
mi1ez 19th January 2011, 14:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Xir
Why not?

If their technologie works, it sounds good in theory

I meant in a good way. FSP know their stuff.
l3v1ck 19th January 2011, 14:58 Quote
Originally Posted by mi1ez
Can't wait to see a review of one of these!
I just hope they have post shutdown cooling.
gilljoy 19th January 2011, 15:04 Quote
Shame FSP PSU's are absolutely ****ing rubish
rickysio 19th January 2011, 15:17 Quote
Can't wait for JonnyGuru to get their mitts on one of these.
TWeaK 19th January 2011, 15:50 Quote
I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Enlargeable pictures please. I'd like to be able to properly see that 'granite touch finish'.

Not sure I'd be that keen on it but I'll look forward to a review. Don't think it will steal Seasonic's place in my heart :)
Guinness 19th January 2011, 15:52 Quote
Originally Posted by gilljoy
Shame FSP PSU's are absolutely ****ing rubish

Weren't Be Quiet!'s P7 range FSP? Nowt wrong with them!
asura 19th January 2011, 21:15 Quote
If their "'granite-touch' finish" is anything like others I've met (out side PC markets) then it'll be your standard anti-graphite paint...

More competition is usually a good thing, but it is beginning to get a bit silly...
alwayssts 19th January 2011, 22:17 Quote
What's with all the hate for Fortron?

I haven't used them lately (went with a modular Corsair, which is re-badged something-else back when I felt the need to upgrade) but my first build (early 2000's) was quickly replaced with a Fortron Source Power unit; great efficiency and one of the few bang-for-buck units with adjustable pots...back when we needed such for BH-5 RAM voltage and what-not. It endured many upgrades and unspeakable torture that blew some other units (I used to daisy-chain with a phase changer in my younger years). That thing is STILL plugging away in my mother's computer. Their quality may have gone down in general (or may be down to each design) but they have made some excellent products. That said, I do recall when they started making flashier units (that was all the rage for a while) that some of those products were not of the same quality. After that, I kind of lost touch with the market up until I bought my Corsair.

It's nice to see them back in the game in typical style from that unit I loved: Less flash; just muscle.
alankz 10th February 2011, 02:50 Quote
I brought a 600w FSP Aurum PSU one week before. I used it to build a AMD PC system.
CPU: amd phenom ii x6
board: gigabyte GA-880G-UD3H
Harddrive: WD1002FAEX
VGA: XFX HD695A-CNFC (soft-moded..)

I didn't try to overclock it, and i didn't play any hardcore game on it yet.
This build is aim for photoshop CS5 workstation for my sister. (and my late night gaming XD)
I may post some comment again later on.
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