Intel founds Netbook and Tablet Group

Intel founds Netbook and Tablet Group

Intel's Netbook and Tablet Group is a direct response to ARM's dominance of the tablet market.

In an attempt to organise itself against the growing threat posed by ARM's dominance of the burgeoning tablet market, Intel has started a new division: the Netbook and Tablet Group.

Confirmed by Intel spokesman Bill Kircos in an interview with The New York Times, the group will be headed by Douglas Davis, currently in charge of Intel's Embedded Communications Group. It's not yet known who will take over Davis' previous role at the company.

Discussing the new group, and the decision to shuffle Davis across to lead it, Kircos claimed 'it makes sense for us to sharpen our focus on these friends of the PC, and Doug's experience running a similar and very successful embedded division makes him the right guy to lead the group.'

Tablet PCs are proving a major growth industry, and with sales expected to reach 19.5 million by the end of the year and almost triple by the end of 2011, it's clear why Intel would set up a tablet-specific group: the threat from ARM.

With the overwhelming majority of tablet systems on the market today, from Apple's iPad to the growing number of Android-based devices that are cropping up at all ends of the price spectrum, running an ARM-designed processor, Intel's rival Atom chip is increasingly shut out - and with ARM starting to make moves on the Intel-dominated netbook market too, it's clear that the company needs to figure out what its response should be.

Further details of the group are not yet available, pending an official announcement from Intel.

Do you think that Intel has what it takes to recapture the tablet market from ARM, or is Intel's time in the sun coming to an end? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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confusis 10th December 2010, 07:40 Quote
Sounds like intel's panicking..
proxess 10th December 2010, 08:31 Quote
It does sound like they're nervous, doesn't it...
sixfootsideburns 10th December 2010, 11:36 Quote
Originally Posted by confusis
Sounds like intel's panicking..
Originally Posted by proxess
It does sound like they're nervous, doesn't it...

Well at least thats how the article makes it out. Truthfully it could just be a sound business decision also. If the market is expected to net some 55-65 million in profit for 2011 then I think we can realistically expect that to keep growing in the years to come or at least stay at a relatively consistent level. There would be no reason for them NOT to try and get their foot in the door of the tablet market.

I'm thrilled for it to be honest, if for no other reason it will drive competition and keep prices more reasonable for us consumers.
l3v1ck 10th December 2010, 11:40 Quote
Intel fought off VIA's superior Nano with their atom, so I expect they can fight off ARM in netbook.
Spuzzell 10th December 2010, 14:00 Quote
I don't think Intel are looking to usurp ARM, just to get themselves a bit of the pie.

ARM have a fantastic market position in the smartphone/tablet sector, it would cost Intel an absolute fortune in R&D and vendor incentives to even catch up. I can't see why from a business standpoint they would bother.

Netbooks are a whole different ballpark, I'd expect Intel to own that for the foreseeable.
schmidtbag 10th December 2010, 15:47 Quote
keep in mind arm isn't the only threat. if amd's next chips are as powerful and low-wattage as they claim, intel not only has to deal with arm taking tablets and phones away from them but they have amd taking away everything else. amd graphics are also better, and as far as i'm aware, arm chips can work with nvidia's so i'm not really sure how intel is going to make something efficient enough.

i like the idea of competition but intel tends to ruin the fun of competition, i would like it if they just butt out and let arm do their business.
Tangster 14th December 2010, 22:50 Quote
Originally Posted by l3v1ck
Intel fought off VIA's superior Nano with their atom, so I expect they can fight off ARM in netbook.

They didn't fight it off as much as VIA failed to bring a suitable quantity to market.
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