D-Link launches ShareCenter Pulse

D-Link launches ShareCenter Pulse

The D-Link ShareCenter Pulse is the first in a new range of home-centric storage servers.

Networking and peripherals specialist D-Link has announced a new line of home storage systems, dubbed ShareCenter, starting with the ShareCenter Pulse.

The ShareCenter Pulse, or DNS-320 to give it its full name, was announced by the company this morning and aims to give it a foothold in the rapidly growing home server market.

Chris Davies, D-Link UK and Ireland's general manager, claimed during the announcement that 'the appetite for digital content today is already staggering and this will only grow as consumer behaviour continues to evolve,' citing the increasing use of high-resolution digital still and video cameras as just one of the rapidly expanding number of demands on digital storage systems in the home.

Focusing on the ShareCenter range, Davies went on to claim that 'our new ShareCenter products will provide home users with easy-to-manage, plug and play storage capability that will enable them to share and back-up their personal digital content.'

The Pulse, as the inaugural ShareCenter system, offers the ability to connect two 3.5in SATA hard drives to a home network over a wired connection, but unlike many NAS products includes a strong focus on the specific requirements of home and leisure users. As well as an integrated UPnP media server and iTunes server, the Pulse includes an FTP server which can be configured to be Internet-accessible and a built-in BitTorrent client.

The company also claims that the Pulse is an eco-friendly device, trying to ride the green wave by trumpeting support for hard drive hibernation, the use of a low-power CPU and variable speed fan, and D-Link's own 'Green Ethernet' technology which all help to keep the power draw at a minimum.

The ShareCenter Pulse hits retailers shelves today priced at £89.99.

Do you think that D-Link's ShareCenter range holds promise, or has the company failed to adequately distinguish the Pulse from the rest of the UPnP and BitTorrent equipped NAS boxes currently on the market? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Valinor 7th December 2010, 17:51 Quote
Hmm... Scan seems to have this for £69.99.. price cuts already :)?

So how fast is it compared to other NAS boxes, as it seems cheap compared to most others?
Cthippo 7th December 2010, 19:01 Quote
Seems like a pretty good price. I doubt I could build an equivalent box for less than that.
line2008 7th December 2010, 19:41 Quote
looks pretty good for the price, might consider getting one after xmas is over and done with
Mitcian 7th December 2010, 22:41 Quote
Seems very cheap, what's the catch?
Skiddywinks 7th December 2010, 23:42 Quote
Gotta admit, I am also a little worried about the price. I have been casually taking note of NAS boxes and the like, since I would love a really low powered home server I could use for storage, and also use for torrenting, since it's kinda wasteful to leave a 4GHz 750 and a GTX285 on overnight just to download!

I guess we will have to wait for the reviews.
BioSniper 8th December 2010, 10:19 Quote
I really do wish they would give more than 2 bays in these products. Any with 4+ just cost way too much because apparently having 4 drives makes you a "business level" user?
eddtox 8th December 2010, 12:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Mitcian
Seems very cheap, what's the catch?

My thoughts exactly! I paid over £100 for a second-hand DNS-323 a few months ago. How do the two compare?
David 8th December 2010, 21:17 Quote
Yeah, wouldn't mind seeing a review showing the transfer rates.
MSHunter 11th December 2010, 22:22 Quote
best home server I have found is an old laptop with USB HDD (the ones that don't need separate power adapters. Like the Samsung 1TB drive. £80.
general_joe 30th December 2010, 18:24 Quote
Can't give you transfer rates but copying everything from my old server to this NAS is maxing out the network (100Mbit, and the utilisation is around 60-70%) rather than anything else. And it hasn't run its fan yet either. Things might change once connected via gigabit, but at present this is plenty fast enough.
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