ViewSonic launches first dual-booting tablet

ViewSonic launches first dual-booting tablet

The ViewPad 10 sports a meaty specification, but will this be enough to eat into some iPad market share?

We attended a product launch event with ViewSonic this morning and on show was its new range of tablet PCs with which it plans to wage war against the market-dominating Apple iPad.

Available in 7in and 10in versions, the new ViewPads sport Windows 7 and Android 1.6 dual-booting; they also boast LED capacitive touchscreens. The flagship 10in model also has 1GB of DDR3 RAM and an Intel 1.66GHz N455 Atom CPU and 16GB of integrated flash storage along with 3G, assisted GPS, 802.11n WiFi, and a 3megapixel camera.

There is however, no support for Flash 10.1 and the N455 CPU at least, isn't going to be supported in future versions of Android either, although this may change at a later date.

The ViewPad 10 was announced in September but ViewSonic today confirmed prices and a cashback scheme for your old hardware. As far as cold hard cash goes, the ViewPad 10 will retail for around £499 with the ViewPad 7 coming in at roughly £399.

However, ViewSonic is also offering new owners the chance to claw some of that cash back with a trade in scheme. By purchasing your ViewPad at one of their nominated outlets (Scan and Misco being two of the more prominent ones) you can trade in your old laptop to get £100 cashback meaning the ViewPad 7, for example, could be had for just £299. Your laptop or PC can be up to four years old and ViewSonic even gives you £10 to cover the cost of postage. Data on any old hard disks will be destroyed with certificates available for proof of this.

Will you be trading in your old laptop for a ViewPad? Have you already bought an iPad? Or maybe you have the same opinion as Steve Jobs, that all other tablets will be DOA? Let us know in the forums.


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mi1ez 28th October 2010, 16:25 Quote
Not a bad price, but why Android 1.6? 2.2 please!
Technobod 28th October 2010, 16:26 Quote
After the market went nuts with Apple releasing the iPad and everyone decided the thing to make was tablets, I'm waiting to cast my judgement untill all the manufacturers have their products on the table and there are some proper comparisons released.

It'll be interesting aswell to see what OSs the tablets are released with and how they compete with iOS.

For now; I wait...
javaman 28th October 2010, 17:19 Quote
What about tethering? I don't want to get a 2nd data plan when my phone has unlimited.
Snips 28th October 2010, 19:20 Quote
I do like the idea of cashback for your previous laptop. I've got a 13" laptop here that's on it's last legs so I'm interested already.
perplekks45 29th October 2010, 10:23 Quote
Not interested in anything running last year's Android, sorry.
sixfootsideburns 29th October 2010, 14:42 Quote
Agreed, I'm not interested in an old Android OS, but Windows 7 is great and the trade in is amazing. I have a laptop thats almost 4 years old and I'd be happy to trade it in for a 7 in. I hardly use the laptop anymore because the battery sucks and it has low memory and I'd love a tablet for my car
perplekks45 29th October 2010, 15:13 Quote
It'll be as overpriced as the iPad or Samsung's Galaxy Tab. I mean... 800 Euros w/o a contract? Or 36 x 35 Euros (= 1360) with 3? Or 36 * 25 + 250 (= 1150) with T-Mobile? That's for the Samsung in Austria, just to clarify.
HourBeforeDawn 30th October 2010, 23:09 Quote
well its a start but Im not impressed as of yet, not until it can handle flash and HD content, then with a sub $500us price for a 10" I would go for it.
TheTourist 30th October 2010, 23:43 Quote
The trade-in scheme sounds great, but I'm not sure I'd go for one just yet. I'm waiting for the inevitable price drops once there's more competition...
War-Rasta 1st November 2010, 15:49 Quote
I've seen plenty of dual booting tablets out there already. Not from big recognized manufacturers such as ViewSonic but there's a ton of Chinese tablets (a lot of them are iPad clones) that sport dual boot and sometime even triple boot! so this is hardly the first (unless of course this was supposed to be the first for ViewSonic in which case just ignore everything I said).
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