PogoPlug launches Pro model

PogoPlug launches Pro model

The PogoPlug Pro dispenses with the lurid pink of its predecessor and adds 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

PogoPlug has released an update for its innovative, eponymous device which aims to get your external storage hooked up to the Web - the PogoPlug Pro.

Building on the original PogoPlug, the new Pro edition does everything its predecessor does and more, except in a far more staid black casing that should find a few more fans than the original vibrant pink version.

For those not familiar with the PogoPlug family, it's a device that allows you to connect an external storage device via USB 2.0 and gain access to it over the network as a shared drive or via the Internet thanks to an integrated web server.

As well as the gigabit Ethernet connection, the PogoPlug Pro brings something new to the table: integrated 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity, making it easier to hide your external drive somewhere out of the way - at the possible expense of throughput on your local network.

As well as support for most browsers, PogoPlug has made apps available for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, and even a shiny new iPad version, to make grabbing your files on the go significantly easier.

With the PogoPlug Pro being a pre-built 'black box' device - quite literally - it doesn't have the power and flexibility of a 'plugtop' computer like Marvell's SheevaPlug, but for a single-purpose gadget it's pretty neat.

UK pricing for the PogoPlug Pro hasn't been confirmed, but the company is currently selling them in the US via Best Buy for $99, which could translate to around £62 when it hits our shores.

Do you think that the PogoPlug Pro looks like a good choice for rolling your own Internet-connected storage, or would people be better off investing in a proper NAS - or even building their own with something like FreeNAS? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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kosch 12th October 2010, 17:10 Quote
Hmm I read the title in the rss feed as PooPlug and then hastily clicked the link
chimaera 13th October 2010, 10:41 Quote
The previous PogoPlug (and presumably this one) used the same hardware base as the SheevaPug, only real differences is the dev hardware is missing (serial console and jtag interface) and instead you get more USB ports to use.

Its fairly trivial to install Debian (or another 'real' linux OS onto the widget (booting from USB-attached storage) if you have different tasks in mind for it...
Xir 13th October 2010, 11:52 Quote
...never heared of it...
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