MSI launches N460GTX Hawk "Talon Attack"

MSI launches N460GTX Hawk "Talon Attack"

MSI's N460GTX Hawk "Talon Attack" improves on its predecessor with 0.4ns low-latency GDDR5.

MSI has announced an update for its Nvdia GTX460-based N460GTX Hawk which pushes the card even further, swapping in lower-latency RAM chips for improved performance.

Dubbed the MSI N460GTX Hawk "Talon Attack" - no, really - the updated board retains the features and layout of the original but replaces the RAM with low-latency 0.4ns modules, allowing MSI to increase the factory-default overclock.

The Nvidia Fermi GPU on the card now runs at 810MHz, while the memory clock is boosted to 3900MHz and the shaders clocked at an impressive 1620MHz. It's still a GTX460 under the hood, of course, and won't be giving a GTX480 or GTX485 anything to worry about, but more speed is always a good thing in the world of 3D acceleration.

Extra speed means extra heat, of course. To counteract that, MSI has fitted the card with a Twin FrozR II twin-fan heatpipe-based cooler, which is rather a beast, so make sure you have room in your case before you put down any money on its latest card.

Aside from the increased overclock and new low-latency memory, the remainder of the card's specifications remain the same as its predecessor: there's 1GB of GDDR5 memory, 336 shaders, and a pair of dual-link DVI connectors plus a mini-HDMI connector hook the card up to your displays.

Sadly, MSI is keeping quiet on the pricing, but given the new RAM modules and the overclocker-friendly features such as super ferrite chokes and individual voltage controls for GPU, memory and PLL, you can expect to be paying a premium for this puppy.

Do you think that MSI has a winner on its hands here, or should it be concentrating on releasing the fastest 480GTX-based card around rather than tweaking the lower-range GTX460 chipsets? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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xaser04 4th October 2010, 14:05 Quote
I imagine that current Hawk owners will be pretty annoyed by this 'update'.

At least the Hawk is now sensibly priced, the £220 or so launch price was a joke.

Mind you I am more than happy with the 925/1850/4300 I can get out of my Sparkle GTX460.
Unknownsock 4th October 2010, 14:40 Quote
I never understood the pricing on these type of products when there not the top end.
It's pretty much always better to just get the next product up and OC that.

In terms of pricing ofc.
memeroot 4th October 2010, 15:01 Quote
whats a GTX485
Bindibadgi 4th October 2010, 15:04 Quote
Originally Posted by memeroot
whats a GTX485

You'll find out soon ;)
SaNdCrAwLeR 4th October 2010, 15:07 Quote
my palit sonic is running with these numbers...
cost me 160£
memeroot 4th October 2010, 15:09 Quote
512 and 70htz faster?
Kenny_McCormick 4th October 2010, 15:12 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
You'll find out soon ;)

Oh God, will it replace your banhammer?
Platinum 4th October 2010, 16:10 Quote
Isnt the GTX485 the full fat 512 shader card, the one that uses more power than a small country?
memeroot 4th October 2010, 16:18 Quote
cant wait :-)
HourBeforeDawn 4th October 2010, 17:06 Quote
Originally Posted by memeroot
whats a GTX485

I bet its the Fermi 1.5 rehash that nVidia was working on that reduced some of the MAJOR design flaws in FERMI making it an actual worth wild card to consider.
thehippoz 4th October 2010, 17:18 Quote
I'm feeling the huang dingaling lately.. playing mafia 2 with physx enabled full up with 32x aa app enchanced in the panel, clamp, high quality textures, and 8x supersampled on my gtx460 1gb

had to flash in a volt mod it though (1125v).. runs 940/2140 and it's smooth in game at 1080p.. the leobeater wins again- suck my 700 us dollar rig builders heheh

but that's what I never liked about physx- the gimmick is you have to buy 2 nvidia cards, which is just bs.. seeing what I'm seeing with the 460 oc'd to the balls, it does the job solo

I'd like to see stock 480 benches myself.. bet I'm beating those on a ref design- msi making even more headroom is fun to see- if it goes over 1000 on air especially

I'm kind of scared to push the voltage any more with the stock cooler.. haven't read much with people pushing voltages without water
Altron 4th October 2010, 17:48 Quote
I wonder why MSI bothers to develop the Twin Frozr cards as well as the Cyclone cards.

I could see having a reference cooler and a premium cooler, but two different premium coolers?

I wonder which is better.
frontline 4th October 2010, 17:51 Quote
Looks like the manufacturers are trying to squeeze some revenue out of the current chips before the end of October. :)
mi1ez 4th October 2010, 18:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Platinum
Isnt the GTX485 the full fat 512 shader card, the one that uses more power than a small country?

I hope not. I was kinda hoping for something based more on the GTX460 architecture, but with the number of stream processors of the 480
flipman 4th October 2010, 20:26 Quote
This card looks nice but another Hawk card with faster memory. lets first see what the extra performance is before considering it over the last one and for the 485 GTX i just hope they pull something out of there hats and not to late after the new HD 6000 release in 2 weeks time.
Whindog 5th October 2010, 01:35 Quote
Understandable why they are focusing on the 460....its seen as a far better valued card than the 480.....yes its not as fast and dosnt come with an alternative house heating solution, But its by far the best $/performance card on the market.

PLus there are 10x the positive reviews of the 460 than the it more market share.....

But on the other hand.....y pimp a mid level card that only enthusiests would buy??? When the market would probably already have 480 or a Radeon 5870 (cant remember model of the top of my head)

Maybe they are trying to bring back the house heating functionality that the base 460 lost. :p
Lehmann 5th October 2010, 07:51 Quote
i want the gf104 with all of its shaders.
Publ!c Enemy 5th October 2010, 10:18 Quote
And while this is all happening AMD is about to release its next series of cards. But you never know maybe they'll have some problems, but surly they cant be as bad as the space heater:)
maverik-sg1 5th October 2010, 10:52 Quote
I sincerely hope that a fermi refresh is imminent with both GTX460 and 480 getting the full shader count and in the case of the 470/480 refresh a much more efficient tech than what is currently available.

As it stands, with DX11 still in it's infancy I still feel that my 'aging' GTX280 still give me enough performance to allow me to pass on this generation of GPU's - that is to say there is no compelling reason to change just yet.

As for the new 460's, I like this one, faster memory in new GPU's will always be beneficial as they all seem to love bandwidth and scale well with better ram timings - begs the question can the current standard 460's be BIOS flashed to reflect the new memory timings?

Generally, the chip itself runs cool enough to allow even models with the reference cooler the chance to grab a 900mhz overclock, it's fantastic value I'd love to see a detailed fully overclocked 'head to head' with other GPU's.
Hakuren 5th October 2010, 15:22 Quote
No tweaking to GTX 460 or 480. It is just about time to slap two GTX 460 on one PCB and give GTX480 a run for the money. It will be an ultimate gaming VGA for a reasonably long time (with a good price), and it will occupy only one PCI-Ex x16/x8 slot. SLI/CF is waste of time and slots because if you play on 1 standard monitor with resolutions up to 2xxx * 1xxx pixels it doesn't matter if you running SLI/CF in two x16 slots, two x4 slots or a mix of x16/8/4. Bandwidth is equally saturated with x4, x8 or x16 slot. But with 2 GPUs on one card there will be actually need to use at least x8 slot. For a VGA to saturate x16 slot with data, we will wait a long, long, LONG time, and now with PCI-Ex 3.0 just around the corner we will wait even longer.

On the other hand RAID cards (proper ones with plenty of cache, 12-24 ports and fast ROC chip) do require x8 slot now and x16 soon. In particular when you team such controller with 16-24 SSDs in RAID 0/10 for Ludicrous Speed* transfer rates.

* - excuse me that little interjection from Spaceballs
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