UHS-I SD cards announced

UHS-I SD cards announced

Both Panasonic and Toshiba have announced ultra-fast SDHC cards featuring the UHS-I standard.

The performance gap between SSDs and memory cards just became smaller: SDHC cards based around the UHS-I high-performance standard have started hitting the market.

The first two companies announcing cards based around the new standard are Toshiba, as reported by Gizmodo, and Panasonic, as reported by Digital Photography Review.

Both cards use the UHS-I standard, but it looks like Toshiba has the edge in performance in this first generation of products: the Toshiba SDHC UHS-I models measure at an alleged 95MB/sec read and 80MB/sec write, while Panasonic's equivalents manage 60MB/sec read - an impressive speed, but not quite on a par with Toshiba. Strangely, Panasonic hasn't provided a write speed for its cards.

Toshiba might have the performance edge, but Panasonic will be hitting shop shelves first: the company claims that 8GB and 16GB models will be ready for retail by November, while Toshiba is looking to launch 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models in December. Sadly, neither company has been forthcoming on expected pricing.

While neither have quite managed to hit the upper limit of 104MB/sec defined by the UHS-I section of the SD Memory Card Specification v3.01, it's clear that SD cards are becoming faster - and that the speed gap between high-end SD cards and low-end SSDs is reducing all the time.

Are you pleased to see the performance of SD cards increasing, or will it all boil down to exactly how much the extra money speed costs - and how many devices actually support such speeds by the launch date? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Xir 3rd September 2010, 10:16 Quote
as long as they're fast enough for filming or taking rapid-shot pictures...
PerpetualOmega 3rd September 2010, 16:00 Quote
How long before the 2.5" SSD is replaced by a 3cm UHS-I card?!
chris1317 4th September 2010, 15:15 Quote
What about CF cards. Sandisk already has a card out that can do 90MB/s read and write
deathtaker27 5th September 2010, 00:14 Quote
does this mean another upgrade to be compatible with these? I had enough at the last one.
Lance 5th September 2010, 12:09 Quote
I haven't actually had any problems when using my 8gb SDHC ultra at 15mb/s shooting on a D5000. So for me its not going to make a difference. Hopefully it will cause a price crash for that level card.
Andy Mc 5th September 2010, 13:51 Quote
Originally Posted by PerpetualOmega
How long before the 2.5" SSD is replaced by a 3cm UHS-I card?!

depends if thwy can extend the life of the cards, as after x amount of writes they are useless. SSD's however try to side step this with various work arounds.
leexgx 5th September 2010, 23:59 Quote
maybe class 4 cards have wear levelling (they norm do not say its there on class 4 or lower cards but its on all of the class 6 or higher ones) but i norm never use them due to very speed of 6MB/s (2mb Write more the Write i have an issue with)

class 6 i know do have wear levelling and operate around 20MB/s (10mb Write) what i norm sell and buy 6 unless there device does not support the class 6 at all (keep some dusty class 4 cards around for when they are ever needed)

be aware most shops are rip offs as they mostly sell the class 4 cards (and some class 2 > KINGSTON 16GB! 2MB/s lol) at an high prices and do not stock class 6 or if they do they add £20-30 more to it (when they only cost £1-5 more)

class 10 cards should be very cool been able to do up to 100MB/s (i guess most will do 50-70MB/s but that's still not slow), But you need an USB 3 card reader + class 10 and/or an cam that even supports class 10 or you be limited to 30MB/s
deadsea 6th September 2010, 01:45 Quote
Is there something wrong with the picture? SDHC UHS-I and still a class 10? Or did the new specs not include a new minimum worst case write speed.....
Cthippo 6th September 2010, 06:18 Quote
Most of us don't have to worry about wear leveling as we generally lose the card first!
Dext 6th September 2010, 19:27 Quote
The speeds sound impressive, but I'm anticipating diabolical prices for both, and unfortunately pretty much all cameras except semi-pro to professional DSLRs aren't class 10 compatible right now. (And even many of those aren't.)

CF cards are already very fast but they're no longer well supported, and with this new standard, they will probably be even less so from now on.

Maximum write limits for these cards are usually several thousand, often 10, so for the average consumer it won't be an issue.

Buying an SD card in shop IS an underwhelming experience. They'll only sell weak, or maybe mediocre performance cards, and then sell fairly high performance Sandisk cards for silly prices.

Once the standard becomes the norm, and prices get competative, I'll jump on the bandwagon.

But right now spending an arm and a leg on this would probably be a waste. Give it 3 or 4 months (from its release date). At least.
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