New Samsung 470 series SSDs quietly launch

New Samsung 470 series SSDs quietly launch

Samsung's new 470 series SSDs appear to come with a bit orange flair! Grooooovy.

South Korean silicon bigwig Samsung has very quietly slipped out its latest 470 series SSDs into Japanese and EU markets. Featuring its latest controller, 30nm NAND and a standard 2.5in form factor, these drives can push up to 250MB/sec sustained read and 220MB/sec sustained write with 31k/21k IOPS for the 128GB and 256GB parts respectively.

The cheaper 64GB option sees a halving of its write performance to 110MB/sec and 11k IOPS, which is consistent with using half as much physical NAND.

Despite some reports of using a SATA 6Gbps interface, the Samsung website is unspecific.

TRIM comes as standard across the range, and Samsung claims 1.5 million hours MTBF (roughly 171 years of constant use) and a three year warranty of writing up to 20GB a day.

While it's evidently slightly slower (on paper) than the Crucial C300 and SandForce controllers out there, it's faster than the last series of Samsung controllers and could be a worthy replacement for the Indilinx mid-market SSDs.

Samsung could be hard pushed to shift them at RRPs of $199, $399 and $699 though, as this makes them more expensive than the Crucial C300 alternatives.

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liratheal 26th August 2010, 12:17 Quote

It looks like someone accidentally put some American Sliced Cheese in there..
Xir 26th August 2010, 14:27 Quote
shame they didn't open the market over price, as they did with their Spinpoint series...
kenco_uk 26th August 2010, 15:15 Quote
Up to 31,000 iops read? That's quite stunning tbh.

Hope you're getting one in for testing!
l3v1ck 26th August 2010, 19:49 Quote
It's always good to have options, but they need to get the price right for it to fit into the market.
MSHunter 26th August 2010, 23:37 Quote
really we are commenting on the looks of a hard drive you will never see once installed......................?!?
pjl321 28th August 2010, 19:31 Quote
did you get these the wrong way round?

"31k/21k IOPS for the 128GB and 256GB parts respectively."

normally its the bigger drive that is better and you back this up later saying about the 64GB drive on getting 11k.
ThunderBob 29th August 2010, 17:37 Quote
Well it looks like they are already cheaper than the stated prices here in the US.

Newegg is currently selling for 64GB ($159.99), 128GB ($319.99) and 256GB ($599.99) and all with free shipping.

Nice price drop from release :)
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